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Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought 
 "why didn't I think of that!?!"
I had such a moment at a recent design show/workshop 
in Santa Clara featuring Hitomi Gillium.

As many of you know, we've been creating wire free form bases for our 
corsages here at Twigs for a couple years.
they look like this.... a wide-ish area for the flowers which narrows & continues to twist around the arm.

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage
Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage


One of the projects at the workshop was to create one of these- 
"Cool! I already know how to do this!" I thought to myself- but there was a slight difference
 that altered the end result entirely.

Here are a couple I just completed - Our 'new & improved' design now
tapers down to a single wire, we've also added delicate angle hair wire.
The new version is much more versatile and light weight. 

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Wear low on the wrist with the end curling up the arm,

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Wear it high on the wrist with the end curling around your
hand or fingers.

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

or wear it centered on the wrist with the end floating above the flowers.
I LOVE the versatility of this new base & the result is so light in design and actual weight.

Continuing education is important in the floral industry.
New trends arise, new products are introduced & fresh exciting techniques are
developed to combine the two. Attending design shows, national symposiums or workshops puts me in a place where I can learn about all three.

It certainly provides lots of opportunity for
the light bulb clicks on!

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Tracey Foster
Yerington, Nevada

Prom Trends in the UK

Whilst every school in America has a Prom, Prom’s are relatively new to the UK, originally taking the form of an end of year balls and encouraged by the government and schools themselves.

Since the development of the Proms and Balls there has been an increasing demand for buttonholes and flowered up wristlets, hair pieces and arm bands at these Proms and Graduation Balls.

 Every florist is capable of producing fantastic Corsage designs using the Corsage Creations selection of Bracelets and Buttonholes and following their helpful online design tips and techniques. Corsages are primarily used for Weddings in the UK, however, the Prom Corsage is something which becoming a necessity among the younger generation to complete that Prom outfit!

 The actual Corsages tend to be smaller in the UK than the designs used across the pond and as well as the standard Wrist Corsage and Buttonhole for the Man.

Special thanks to:
Corsage Creations
Supplier of Wedding and Prom Wrist Corsage Bracelets, Buttonholes, 
Tiaras and other great jewellery pieces.
Have a question about their products or one of their designs? 

The last High School Dance of my parenting career

My husband and I have reached a milestone:  Our five kids are “all grown up.” Here’s proof – our 18 year old son (the youngest) has registered to vote, registered for selective service, will graduate from high school in a few weeks, and recently attended his last prom ever.

Facing this reality head-on, here is what we did.  We opted out of a fun couples weekend in Vegas, allowing our son and his friends to use our home as their rendezvous spot.  And then I fussed over their prom flowers.

Let me say the teens were amazing, and so gracious about me wanting to get pictures of them, and of all the flowers – I’ll never get another chance, right??

Here is the group photo:  Our son, Ian, is in the back row wearing grey and teal.

Here are some detail shots of the prom flowers:

Yellow ranunculus, white hyacinth, black ribbon and gold art wire.

 Miniature cymbidium orchids, hyacinth, a pearl beaded wristlet and corsage
constructed in a soft gold ribbon rosette.  Boutonniere finished with
ribbon and art wire.

 Beaded wristlet with hot pink ribbon, laser leaves, orchid and hyacinth.
A rhinestone butterfly is hiding in there somewhere.

 Similar boutonniere made of three white hyacinth blossoms, hot pink ribbon
laser leaves, a rhinestone butterfly and art wire.

 Yellow ranunculus, white miniature cymbidium orchids, hot pink boronia
flower, ivory ribbon, and pearl-beaded art wire.

White hyacinth and orchids finished with ostrich fluff, bling flowers and
white ribbon.  The corsage was on a teal bracelet.

Julia Miller
Edgewood, WA
All images are copyrighted and owned by Julia's Floral

A Quick Update- Galassia Flowers at Prom

This morning I received this e-mail from some who had purchased the 
Galassia materials for her daughter's prom..
I have posted a couple times about this product 
You can read the first one HERE  and the second HERE


Hello Tracey,  OMG, OMG It was the hit of Prom! Thank You so much. I did my own tweaking of the product. Down side of the product it turns the flowers yellow and the flowers don't hold up all nite. It got her through most of the nite.When she came home the orchids were wilting. Over all, she was thrilled to have the best corsage.  Thanks, Sheree 


Here are the pictures Sheree shared with me...

Can we all agree right now that this young lady is adorable?! 

A close up of the corsage- Stephanotis & pale pink Dendrobium orchids. 
Below with the lights on....
Nice idea to use the sparkle tulle to hide the light below the ribbons, 
and if I'm not mistaken that's a Fitz bracelet too. 

You have to admit- this is pretty cool. The effect looks glittery on the petals doesn't it?

So glad your daughter had a great time at her prom, Sheree! 
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and these pictures with us. 

How NOT to Order Perfect Prom Flowers

Connor’s mom calls me to order a corsage and boutonniere for prom.  All she knows is that he and his date are both wearing ivory:  Her dress -- solid ivory.  His tux – ivory with a black vest.  And he wants her to have a gold bracelet. 

My custom creations are below.  The bracelet is completely hand made with various types of gold art-wire, and ivory pearl beads.  I’m elated and sure they will love them!

Connor is one of my son’s best friends, and the plan is to have the group meet at our home before heading out to dinner. 

Upon their arrival, his date steps out of the truck wearing hot pink heels, a hot pink silk lily in her hair, and carrying a hot pink clutch.  Oh.  No!  These, as gorgeous as they are, don’t match the outfit.  Yikes!

Florist-Mom flies into action.  I take the flowers back to my work table and bring out Boronia flowers, hot pink corsage pins, and cold glue (floral adhesive).

Below is the exciting and perfect transformation:

Four Tips for ordering perfect prom flowers:

1).  Tell your florist the obvious.  What colors are you and your date wearing?
2).  Tell him or her about all of the accessories:  Shoes, Jewelry, Handbag, Hair Flowers, and is there any metallic in the outfit – gold or silver?

3).  Coordinate with your date to order your prom flowers as a set, so that they will match each other.

4).  If possible, provide a color swatch.  A paint chip from a home decorating center would work perfectly!

And there’s one more tip:  Find a good florist who knows the art of cold-glue corsage construction.  How do you do that?  Simply call your local floral shops and ask them.

Julia Miller
Edgewood, WA
All images are copyrighted and owned by Julia's Floral

Prom at White Iris Designs

When you say the name White Iris Designs in Lafayette, people know that you are not going to get something that you would get at a traditional flower shop. We do very creative & unique arrangements here at the shop from our everyday arrangements to Wedding & Events. 
When it comes to Prom, nothing changes! 

The girls deserve something fun & unique, not something that Grandma would wear. 
 The Prom dresses that the girls are wearing now are not boring!
 They are fun and funky, so the flowers should be as well!

We love to see the dress so that we can see the color and if it has a funky pattern we can play off of. We use a lot of bling in the corsages. Our wristlets are not your standard satin/elastic wrist band! They are a beaded or gemstone wristlet that they can take the flowers off when they die, and use the wristlet as a bracelet. 

Prom time can be challenging at times but for the most part it is a fun time! Sometimes it is hard to get the Mother’s to trust us with doing funky colors & styles for their girls’. We have been doing this for years and hardly ever have someone complain that it wasn’t what they expected/wanted. 

We can also do elegant as well. Not everything has to be funky. If you’ve got a very elegant dress, then the flowers will be done with that in mind.

 Details, details, details!
We love the details and you will love your Prom flowers because of that!

Tammy & Val
 3803 State Rd. 26 Suite #A, Lafayette, IN 47905
All images are copyrighted and owned by White Iris designs

Goth Goes to Prom

When you consider all the people who go to prom every year, there are as many different personalities as prom dresses! Think about magazine ads or popular prom scenes in movies: the predominant style is the sparkly and colorful dress. It’s pretty rare to see a dress in Gothic or Punk style, but they are out there and we’re here to help add the finishing touches to this not so mainstream style!  

 Last year, a young man was shopping for a prom corsage
 for his girlfriend. He was dressed in the classic Gothic style:  black clothing, chains hanging from his jeans and a skull around his neck. He was really excited to tell me about this awesome  black dress his date had found to create the perfect Gothic Prom look! 
He was concerned, however, that a typical prom corsage might not fit the style. Initially, he wanted the corsage to be completely black, even the flowers! Even though the focal color should be black, I like to create a bit of contrast with my designs. We ended up creating a corsage with deep “blood” red roses and all black trim.  When he picked up his corsage, 
he was very happy and was sure she would love it!
Sugar Skulls Set on Polyvore from Gillespie Florist

This encounter reminded me that we have customers of many personality and style types.  It is important to create designs that are not only mainstream, but outside the box, too!  I invited our designers to play around with flowers create corsages with that idea in mind and they came up with some amazing designs!

Sugar Skulls 
is created on a black bracelet with a vintage feel and has lavender sweetheart roses, statice, lazer leaves, black feathers, rhinestones,  black beads, black flash ribbon and skull accents. Almost everything in this corsage comes in a variety of colors, so feel free to customize the corsage for you. 
Sugar Skulls Corsage by Gillespie Florists
Skull Candy boutonniere

The Rock Star
 wrist corsage has a rhinestone and silver flash bracelet with pink sweetheart roses, wax flower, blue flash ribbon, lazer leaves, guitar and Rock Star accents. As an added touch, notice how the blue ribbon cascades down the wrist! 
Rock Star corsage by Gillespie Florists

What kind of style are you?
 Stop in at your local florist and let them know! They, like us, will do everything possible to tailor your prom flowers to your style. 
We recommend for you to bring in your date and the dress to help us compliment it perfectly! 
Don’t forget to check out your local florists website and Facebook page to get great ideas before your visit!

Gillespie Florists
9255 W. 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Floral & Polyvore images are copyrighted and owned by Gillespie Florists

Fascinators---A New Trend for Prom!

Eastern Floral, one of the nations leading retail florists with seven locations across West Michigan, has seen a number of proms in their 60 years of operation. As professional florists, we encourage all of our designers take continued education classes to keep up on current trends. Recently we attend the Michigan Florist Association "Great Lakes Floral Expo" where a number of our designers elected to take a design class about fascinators, and the creative wheels began to turn....

 At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011, many of their female guests arrived wearing "fascinators". A fascinator is a beautiful hair accessory, or cocktail hat, composed of feathers, flowers, ribbons and jewels, and are commonly worn at formal occasions, such as weddings, or as an evening accessory.

 Fascinators have been at the height of European, Australian and South African fashion for a number of years. Many of the fascinators worn by their guests caused a media buzz, and drew international attention to this unique fashion. It didn't take long for this to become a popular trend in the United States. Eastern Floral saw this as an opportunity to set themselves, and their product, apart by creating a line of fascinators that are appropriate for the biggest formal occasion of the year.... Prom!

The fascinators created by the staff of Eastern Floral were inspired by European trends and styles. With prices ranging from $25 - $40, each design is a glamorous alternative to the traditional prom corsage.

Abigail Fascinator

Madison Clip Fascinator
Queenie Fascinator
Sophia Fascinator

 Fastened to a comb, clip, or thin headband, girls can easily attach the comb and clip styles to their hair, even after they leave the salon. Based on what the hair style will be for the big night, someone may want to have the headband style fascinator on-hand for the hair stylist to work around. So give it a try and stand out at your prom this year with this new style of wearing flowers with a fascinator.

To view Eastern Floral's fascinator collection follow them on Pinterest, friend them on Facebook, or visit their "Dance Flower" category at

Eastern Floral
818 Butterworth St. SW
Grand Rapids, MI

Our First Question!

A lot of changes have been taking place at Prom Flowers!
Please have patience with us- we (Smitten Design & myself) have been working hard
to get everything on the blog in it's proper place & finishing up with some of the new buttons.
In the midst of all this we received our first question!

Erin from Pennsylvania writes: 

My name is Erin. I am from southeastern Pennsylvania and will be attending my junior prom here this spring. I am trying to decide what would look best for my dress it terms of a corsage and was wondering if you might have any ideas for it. Thank you for your time!

Erin's Dress
 Answering Erin's question today will be 
Cathy Walsh- Owner & designer at Sprout - Worcester Mass. 
Tracey Foster- Owner & designer at Twigs - Yerington, NV
Adam Pomerantz - Owner & designer at Belevedere Flowers- Havertown PA
Hayley Pederson- Sophmore at Yerington High School

  "hand tied bouquets have become very popular here in PA! You may want to consider doing a hand tied bouquet instead of a wrist corsage-
Check out the Royal Blue Princess bouquet here- It has both the light and dark shades of blue that would go well with your dress."

"Hi Erin:    What a beautiful dress! 
I think a wrist corsage would look amazing with your dress.  A silver beaded bracelet with light blue flowers and silver ribbon would be stunning. 
I hope you have a awesome time at Prom."             -Hayley

" love your dress! keeping your dress style in mind, I would go with something asymmetrical-  maybe with some fun swirly silver wire accents to mirror the style of the bodice.(like this wire cuff corsage) Can't really tell from the picture, are there any bead or crystal accents? if so, you would want to include some in your corsage-
 I would go with a white focal flower and use blue accent flowers (delphinium florets, thistle, or blue Iris petals) accent it with some silver & blue ribbon."    -Tracey

Erin -

For your look I would go with Blue and Bling! (shown here)  The pop of cobalt blue delphinium, white orchids, and crystal accents, all on a rhinestone bracelet will complement your gown.  The coordinating boutonniere has just a hint of feathers - a detail that would also work on your wrist corsage.  For an extra pow, try adding some some ribbon shooting asymmetrically off to one side! 
 Cathy @ Sprout

I hope everyone enjoyed our first question post-
If you have a question please send us a message!

And the Winner is..................

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the 

Dawn- please send me an email with your information so I can get this out in the mail for you ASAP
(hopefully in time for your 4/28 prom)
I will  also send you the instructions from Galassia I used. 
Hope you have lots of fun with it. 

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Bouquet to Hold or Corsage to wear?

Here are a couple different floral choices for this flirty pink prom look...
Hot pink orchids for your wrist from Gillespie florist 
A mix of hot & medium pink flowers 
in a posy size bouquet to hold from 

Lipsy dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
£50 -

Marchesa handbag

Belvedere Prom Gallery


Gotta  love Polyvore!- where else can you find a a great dress from the U.K.  & put it together with Yves Saint Laurent pumps and make the whole look your own?

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