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Our First Question!

A lot of changes have been taking place at Prom Flowers!
Please have patience with us- we (Smitten Design & myself) have been working hard
to get everything on the blog in it's proper place & finishing up with some of the new buttons.
In the midst of all this we received our first question!

Erin from Pennsylvania writes: 

My name is Erin. I am from southeastern Pennsylvania and will be attending my junior prom here this spring. I am trying to decide what would look best for my dress it terms of a corsage and was wondering if you might have any ideas for it. Thank you for your time!

Erin's Dress
 Answering Erin's question today will be 
Cathy Walsh- Owner & designer at Sprout - Worcester Mass. 
Tracey Foster- Owner & designer at Twigs - Yerington, NV
Adam Pomerantz - Owner & designer at Belevedere Flowers- Havertown PA
Hayley Pederson- Sophmore at Yerington High School

  "hand tied bouquets have become very popular here in PA! You may want to consider doing a hand tied bouquet instead of a wrist corsage-
Check out the Royal Blue Princess bouquet here- It has both the light and dark shades of blue that would go well with your dress."

"Hi Erin:    What a beautiful dress! 
I think a wrist corsage would look amazing with your dress.  A silver beaded bracelet with light blue flowers and silver ribbon would be stunning. 
I hope you have a awesome time at Prom."             -Hayley

" love your dress! keeping your dress style in mind, I would go with something asymmetrical-  maybe with some fun swirly silver wire accents to mirror the style of the bodice.(like this wire cuff corsage) Can't really tell from the picture, are there any bead or crystal accents? if so, you would want to include some in your corsage-
 I would go with a white focal flower and use blue accent flowers (delphinium florets, thistle, or blue Iris petals) accent it with some silver & blue ribbon."    -Tracey

Erin -

For your look I would go with Blue and Bling! (shown here)  The pop of cobalt blue delphinium, white orchids, and crystal accents, all on a rhinestone bracelet will complement your gown.  The coordinating boutonniere has just a hint of feathers - a detail that would also work on your wrist corsage.  For an extra pow, try adding some some ribbon shooting asymmetrically off to one side! 
 Cathy @ Sprout

I hope everyone enjoyed our first question post-
If you have a question please send us a message!

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