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When should I order my prom flowers?

A good rule of thumb would be to order your flowers  around the same time you either 
choose your dress or order your tux .

 You may be thinking,..
“ That’s TOO early for fresh flowers! “ 
In fact this is not early at all-   florists need to reserve those flowers well in advance of the actual prom date to ensure there are enough for  the orders they will receive.
You need to remember, from  the end of March to about mid June is prom season, that means flowers used for corsages and boutonnieres are in high demand.
Doesn’t it make sense to make sure the special color or flower variety you need is available and reserved just for you?

Just like flowers,  ribbons, colored wire, and  jeweled accessories such as color rhinestone sprays and fancy beaded bracelets are also in high demand. 
Rhinestone & bead sprays, fabric leaves for prom corsages

Beaded and rhinestone prom bracelets

Popular accessories are often sold out as the height of the season approaches. 

Time is also in short supply , especially for  one of a kind custom designs. These designs  (shown below) look very  simple but actually take more time than a basic wrist corsage.
Custom wire cuff with lavender roses & blue delphinium blooms
Vanda orchid wire arm band
You may be disappointed  if you wait too long to order a custom design such as this one. The florist in your area may be strapped for time- especially if you have waited until the day or two before prom!
(You wouldn't do that would you?)
It's also a possibility your local florist may not have on hand the supplies needed or specialty flowers  such as the orange Vanda orchids used in the arm band design.

Give your florist as much time as you can - especially when everything needs to be perfect!

Tracey Foster
Yerington. NV