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Hand Held VS Wrist Corsage -- My Experience

First year I went to prom I wanted to have a unique corsage! Since my dad owned a flower shop, I not only knew what was typically ordered but what was not! I decided on a phalaenopsis orchid corsage. My dad warned me that it was a more delicate flower and I would have to be careful with it 
if I wanted to save it after prom. I figured no big deal, 
how crazy is prom going to be?

Now it’s not like a high school prom is that crazy but I didn’t think about how the dance floor would be dark and although I may not be in a rush, others may be. A few minutes into prom a guy in a hurry to cut through the line for pictures brushed past me and half my orchid was gone! I was bummed and swore next time I would get something I couldn’t break!

The next year I decided on taking a ribbon wrapped calla lily. I thought this would be something I could get great pictures with but once I went out to the dance floor, I could leave the flower at the table. I loved the calla and because everyone else had corsages, I had something no one else had and got lots of compliments! It was really nice to be able to dance the night away and not worry about the flowers hanging off my wrist. It was all great until I realized on the way home that I had left my calla at prom!

Looking back, my experience was much better with the handheld flower than the wrist corsage. Even though I forgot it for saving! Really though, who still has their prom flowers 10 years later? If someone does; they are probably throwing that dusty thing away right now!

In the spirit of looking back, I wouldn’t do the hand held callas OR the orchid corsage. What is offered today is soooo much better than what was offered when I was in high school! I would have worn a keepsake bracelet with mini-carnations or daisies! Then during prom I wouldn’t worry about what happened to my flowers because that’s not what I would be saving. Instead, after prom, I would cut the corsage from the bracelet and wear the bracelet on a daily basis and would still have it today in my jewelry box!

Bauble Bath by Gillespie Florists

Mirage by Gillespie Florists

What did you choose this year, wrist corsage or hand held bouquet? 
With a keepsake bracelet or without? 
What was your experience & would you choose the same  again?

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Gillespie Florists
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