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A Combined Effort

Fairly often during prom season I (Twigs) receive inquiries about shipping corsages. 
I'm pretty nervous about shipping something so delicate and important as a prom corsage, but I have sent several of our handcrafted wire wraps and cuffs to various states. 

I received such an inquiry for this  silver wire wrap (Shooting Star) the week before Mother's Day this year. Thank goodness it wasn't needed until AFTER the holiday (whew!) 

Here it is with our floral design using hot pink dendrobium orchids
(they look purple in the photo don't they?) and wax flower accents.

We sent it off in plenty of time for her to contact a florist in her area, and arrange
for them to add the flowers to the wrap when it arrived. 

A few weeks went by without hearing anything....
then this lovely email turned up in my inbox!

Just wanted to let you know, my son's girlfriend
loved the corsage!! Attached are a few pictures,
so you can see the finished product.
Thanks again for helping us out with this.

 Sandra had contacted Bachelor Button Floral & Interior Accents to
take charge of adding the florals - didn't they do a great job?!

Look how different our design styles are... 
 I concentrate the florals on the end while  they spread theirs out along the length of the wrap. 
(hmmm.. might have to try that) 

A big thank you to Jon Grim & Mark Buczak, owners of Bachelor Button, who were 
so helpful and gracious while taking care of Sandra's very special order. 

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