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New for Prom

Green orchid Boutonniere
 Something new for the guys this year- blooms threaded on decorative jeweled pins. A design that's masculine yet has a little sparkle to catch the evening light.

Red Rosebud Boutonniere
 Many kinds of blooms lend themselves to this style.Shown here are delicate pale green orchids, miniature rose buds and jade green orchids paired with tiny Kermit mum blooms.
Green orchid and mum Boutonniere
Reed Boutonniere with jewel accents

 I love this Bout made with reeds and jewels pictured above.  Pictured below is a corsage made with Laser leaves from Milton Adler Company. A design like this is a fun corsage that will last as a keepsake. The leaves come in lots of bright colors- call us for more information! 775.463.1052
Laser Leaf flower corsage

Don't you love the addition of these pearls? Pins like this are easy to add to your corsage, boutonniere, or hand tied bouquet.

Red rose corsage with pearl accents

 Here is a sweet lavender and pink dragonfly pin added to a lavender calla. These are wonderful additions to treasure well after prom.

Purple calla corsage with dragonfly jewel pin.

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