Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Prom King- Interview with Dan Fisher of Fitz Design

Most everyone in the floral industry knows who Dan Fisher is & 
if you're visiting this blog looking for prom corsage inspiration, chances are 
you have worn a Fitz bracelet corsage or will wear one this year. 

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to ask him a few questions...

What inspired you to offer something more than a 'granny-panty' Elastic for Prom?
I did not invent the product.  There are 2 versions of the story and both ladies agree on this much.  They were having dinner together and commented about what a shame it was the they could create almost anything for a wedding, until it came to a corsage and the only option was the elastic band.  Here the story takes a different turn, they both say they came up with the idea. 
 What I do know is Mary Fitzgerald patented it and brought it to the market.  
When I connected with her to begin taking care of sales and marketing there was 1 bracelet in 4 colors.  1 year later I bought the company from her.  She was financially challenged and did not like the vendor part of the business.  She wanted to be creative, not answer the phone and fill orders.  After I bought the company she started a wedding cake company.  One very interesting point, the owner at the time said the product was for weddings, however, the market responded and said NO it is for prom – that changed the direction of the company in so many ways.

Can you spot the Granny Panty elastic?- Sprout
What was your biggest challenge in the beginning?
the biggest challenge was cash, the product line was developing so fast, it was all we could do to get inventory in to ship out.  We spent a ton of money on air freight.

How did floral adhesive influence the evolution -if at all?
quite a bit.  I was the glue salesman, actually I was the OASIS rep.  When the original product was designed it was expected that it would be a wedding item and the plastic disk was a support device to help distribute the weight of the corsage from pulling on the threads and pulling away from the arm.  I looked at the original items and told her that what she thought was a support device to help with weight was really a gluing platform for the flowers.  From that day, we looked at all new designs as having a gluing disk.  One major change that was impacted by this is that we came out with the first rhinestone bracelet.

First rhinestone bracelet- Rock Candy
How do you predict what will be trending in prom fashion early enough to create and
manufacture the new designs?
I do a number of things.  I listen to florists a lot.  I study the designs in Europe and I watch what is being worn on the red carpet. The biggest thing I do it to study prom dress dresses and dress trends. 
I also “float” styles in the market a year or two before I think they will be popular to watch the results.   Another key element is to look at what is missing from the market and realize that someone will have to fill that void.  For example, I knew that a shade of burgundy would have to be start trending up – it was not anywhere in the market and then it became the Pantone color of the year. Now to be clear, I did not predict that it would be the Pantone color, but I did believe that it had to begin to trend up since it was not in the market anywhere at all.  I added 2 burgundy bracelets before the Pantone announcement and both of them are doing very well.
I have a strong sense of both 2016 and 2017.  I am going to China in April to finish designing the 2016 line and test the concepts I believe will happen.
Most importantly I listen to florists and our staff.  The staff has great observations and great insights to share for us to capitalize on.  I definitely don’t do it on my own, listening to others and studying the market helps me to see the collective looks that will begin to trend up.

Are there any floral designers you see as leaders?
for body jewelry – Joyce Mason Monheim is the absolute best, her detail and style is great.  This is not just prom, but floral body jewelry.
I really like the look of Doug Bates.  Alan Masters has a great boutonniere style.
Dov Kupfer has a great blend of eclectic and eccentric
The designers on our team are challenged to come up with new looks and they do a great job. 
Suzie Kostick is challenged the most by me.  She and I really work well together to reach out there for amazing and creative looks.  Her imagination is very strong and has no boundaries.
  Anthony Swick has joined our team and he has a very different creative style.
Patience Pickner has a very fresh look, she loves working with fresh product and she also has a very delicate and dainty look.  
Mandy Majerik has a strong bold look.  Her style was described to me as going straight from the fields to the corsage – very much her own style.
When it comes to creativity John Hosek is fantastic.  His unique use of materials is not like anyone else.
Jackie Lacey – has a strong blend of sensible and exotic mixed together, especially exotic materials.

What are your predictions for the next 3 years?
the first trend I see is what I call the Herbal look or the natural look.  I see flowers and a lot more natural elements coming in to style.  This will show up a number of ways in the dresses.  They will feature floral prints, floral rhinestone or beaded accents or mini flowers worked in on the body and train of the dress.  This will range from bold to very subtle accents.
I expect to begin to see more pants suits for the ladies to wear to prom.
More flowers in the hair – this has a very big potential especially when combined with the natural/herbal look that I think will be coming.
I think Bling will begin to taper down some – this year is the biggest bling year I have ever seen.

Did you go to your prom?
Yes I did.  I was actually on the Prom Committee.  

What celebrity would you love to see wearing a Fitz corsage?

Taylor Swift


Friday, March 27, 2015

MORE... Hand Tied Clutch Bouquets from Haverton PA

 It's been a while since we first featured the lovely prom bouquets by the talented designers at 
Belvedere Flowers in Havertown Pa. You can read more about them here.

Want to see what they've been up to lately?
 (I thought so)

Lovely warm colors in the bouquet below (Red roses, mango calla lily, bi-color
red & yellow tulips, orange and yellow gerbera daisies) are made more vibrant by the
lime green hydrangea under them. 

You've probably noticed these bouquets don't have any extra embellishments like
feathers, brooches, or other sparkly elements. What they may lack in the embellishment
department they make up for (and more) with the large variety of different flowers, each with
their own unique shape or texture that compliments the flowers around it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Prom to Remember

“A Prom to Remember” Gives Teens with Cancer an Unforgettable Night
Away from their Hospital Rooms and Out on the Dance Floor
 Navigating the hallways of life as a high schooler can be tough – homework assignments, making friends, finding a seat at the lunch table -- but try to imagine navigating the hallways of a hospital every day instead. Teens with cancer not only have to worry about passing exams in the classroom, but also taking tests in their hospital rooms. Things can get overwhelming at a very young age.
 However, there’s one special experience that each and every teenager should be able to enjoy, no matter what they’re going through – a magical prom night. Once again A Prom to Remember is making sure that more than 150 teens in Northeast Ohio have this opportunity. 
A Prom to Remember is held in partnership between The Unforgettable Prom Foundation, Inc., and The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland. The event gives teens ages 12-19 a chance to celebrate their very own prom in an environment of acceptance and camaraderie. This year’s “The Wizard of Oz” theme, “There’s No Place Like Prom,” resonates with the fact that the night is a unique rite of passage – one attending teens can enjoy without hospital rooms, doctors or parents, oh my!  
 Not only is the entire event offered at no cost to patients and families, but the community worked together to donate more than 3,200 dresses for the event. Female attendees shopped for their perfect promgown without spending a dime at the annual Dress Extravaganza. 

On prom night, attendees will be treated like famous movie stars as they pull up in limos and step onto the Yellow Brick Road. Attendees will be interviewed as they arrive, just like at a Hollywood awards show. Joining them will be Brian Hartline, new wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Anderson Varejao, Matt Dellavedova and Joe Harris from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Raven Reed, Miss Ohio International, Shelby Stock, Miss Teen Ohio International, the Cavs Girls and Scream Team.  After they strut their stuff down the entranceway, everyone will head inside to let loose and dance the night away! 

Three area hospitals will prepare the guest list for the evening:  Akron Children’s Hospital, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital. 
Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.  
 The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland1515 West 3rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44113  
QUESTIONS: For further information, visit APromToRemember.org or call 877-385-7766(PROM).
 When this press release landed in my in-box I knew I needed to share it on Prom Flowers!
What a great program to be involved with, and there are so many ways to help..
I'll be featuring the amazing woman who donated her time to create all 
the corsages and boutonnieres for this event! 
here's a little preview......!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Let Your Prom Night GLOW!

Want to stand out at your prom? 
 Do you want prom flowers that no one else has?  
Be the talk of the prom with flowers that glow!  If you are thinking, “Nope lights in corsages are nothing special.”  Then you are so wrong!  There are a lot of products out there to help “light” up a corsage but they do not even compare with a Galassia corsage! 

Galassia prom flowers are not just a corsage with a light added it. 
 It is also not a glow in the dark spray that if not applied properly and not charged with enough sunlight, won’t even work! 
The unique combination of the fluorescence and UV light device creates 
a corsage of glowing flowers every time you turn on the switch! 
There is nothing on the market out there like it!  
So, How does Galassia prom flowers work?

Galassia Fluorescence enhances the natural beauty of flowers and takes flower color to a new level by giving them a spectacular glow! 
 For their beauty to be revealed, they need ultraviolet (UV) light supplied by custom-designed illumination device and a specially formulated solution applied directly to the flowers.  
These unique devices are imported from Australia! 

As you look at the pictures of these corsages, you will notice some have more of a blue hue over green hue to them.  Now some of this has simply to do with how dark the room was and the type of camera used.  But for sure, they do not have different lights or fluorescence. however, they do have different colors ribbons, accessories and flowers. 
 I’m not sure what causes this, but because the fluorescent spray is derived from plants, I believe it is a reaction to the pigmentation of the flowers 
and accents that causes this hue change. 
 This is something that I absolutely love about the product, it ensures that each and every Galassia Fluorescence corsage is completely unique! 

Want to wear one of these amazing corsages to your prom?
 The only two retail florists in the United States that I know of, offering these corsages are: Gillespie Florists in Indianapolis, IN
Twigs in Yerington, NV!  
If you do not live in Indiana or Nevada but still want one, just call the shop closest to you and ask to have the device and spray shipped to you!  Then take it to your local florist to add the corsage and flowers!  Another option would be to have the Galassia Fluorescence corsage made completely in silks and shipped to you!
To see how one of these beautiful corsages is designed, Check out these YouTube videos!

Della GIllespie-Mendenhall
Gillespie Florists
(317) 273-1100
9255 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46234


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's talk about PROM Bouquets!


 Prom Nosegays, Posies and Arm Bouquets -- although are put together with the same types of materials, they are vastly different in style .

Prom Nosegay   
  Typically 6 "- 8" in diameter. (and sometimes larger depending on girl, school,
and her preference )A nosegay consists of at least a dozen blossoms ,    Extra material such as sparkly tulle tucks, Feathers, Flutterz, brooches , ribbon tucks and sometimes another flower choice or two. The stems of the bouquet are wrapped to compliment the gown or the tux.   Typically the very bottoms of the stems remain exposed .    bouquet is artificial I typically wrap it all and then finish the handle to compliment the gown styling. corseting,  
        using many many buttons or pearl pins down the stem is also quite popular .

Prom Posy 
         Typically  Less than 6 " - 8" inches in diameter,  A Prom Posey consists of 6 - 9 flowers,
I prefer to use gerbera daisies with gems glued into the center ,  flower heads for this bouquet .     Also incorporating an extra ,   feathers ,   flutterz , rhinestones and ribbon tucks .

Arm bouquets 
,       Typically 18"-26" long , 6 flowers usually three of two different types. I like to use Callas,   Mini Callas, Gerbera Daisies, Lillies and Roses. Long feathers, such as peacock and pheasant, work well with a few large leaves such as tropical aspisdtra or Ti,  Backing the design .   Curly willow or curly ting and tulle tucks .   Usually banding the handle of the  bouquet similarly to the above bouquets .   Base of the stems are often covered as well .

702 East Park Ave
Columbiana, Ohio 44408

Monday, March 16, 2015

Prom Flowers on Instagram!

Hey everyone
good news!.. you can now find us on 

We are just getting started & would love 
you to follow us!

Things you can expect 

contests, drawings &

and of course lots of
creative designs to keep you inspired!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello Kitty goes to prom!

Hello Kitty...

Hello Kitty Goes to Prom!

I know there are lots of fans & collectors of this cute cartoon personality out there!
I've been pretty neutral about her/it? until I made this corsage today.. 

Hello Kitty Goes to Prom!

I just may become a fan!

 I know wearing a Hello Kitty corsage to prom isn't for everyone... 
especially when there are so many more 
glamorous & sophisticated choices available....
it IS pretty cute!

Here's what I used.... 

Hello Kitty Goes to Prom!

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