Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!
Summer is a time of flowers, blossom, and beauty. Incorporating flowers to your hair is not a new trend in the world of fashion, but when it comes to bringing such ideas to life, women turn to be a little bit in a loss. What woman can resist the temptation to wear some crown of fresh flowers during hot summer days? Our professionals at NYC Hair Salon offer you three most flattering summer hairstyles you can easily wear with any flower you like. Here is one more interesting fact: flowers you choose clearly reflect your personality, and can say a lot about your character. Women, who prefer roses, are considered determined, active, and conservative; those who favor orchid and chamomile more are romantic and tender.
Hairstyle #1 Bun
The bun is a unique hairstyle, which is good for its universality.  You can style a bun, however you like, and fresh floral accents are one of the best variants for you to try. For example, you can try to create a low bun and put a couple of flowers to the one side or at the top of a bun, securing them with pins. 

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!
Hairstyle #2 Waterfall
The waterfall braid is an amazing hairstyle, even with no modifications, but small flowers such as baby's breath or other light weight blooms all over your head can make it more gentle and feminine. Simply insert stems to every curve of your waterfall. Secure with pins 
to ensure the heavier blooms stay in place. 

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!
Hairstyle #3 Crown
Make a flower crown by yourself and wear it with loose hair. It always looks elegant and natural. For a special occasion contact your local florist and have them create something more elaborate.

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!

Top 3 Hairstyles to wear with flowers This summer!
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 Thanks to guest writer
 Victoria Howell 
Victoria Howell is a freelance writer based in New York.
A graduate of NY University, she writes for several independent lifestyle and beauty 
blogs about Hair styles and hair care for both men and women.  

A Florist-Client Connection Creates Prom Perfection (A Special guest post Featuring Lori Kunian CFD)

When you watch someone execute a task flawlessly with ease and grace that results in a final product that looks effortless but is exquisite is a joy to observe. We have all seen it- a perfect salsa dance, a lattice top pie on the food channel, redoing a room in a day…and may I add a florist creating prom corsages when a connection is made with a great kid who trusts them to make a little magic out of flowers.

Lori Kunian CFD who has created thousands of corsages in her time at the bench recently made such a connection. 
The dress was turquoise, the girl was tropical and after graduation she was going to school to be an architect. Lori enjoyed taking a break from prom mothers who were afraid of color and their just want to “keep it white, goes with everything” mentality. Here is what she came up with.

-Client connection- Blue Ocean Wrist corsage by Lori Kunian CFD

-Client connection- Blue Ocean Necklace by Lori Kunian CFD

A base of aluminum wire pays homage to the steel and wire from architectural projects to come. Blue/gray eryngium (or sea holly) provides texture and interest representing the childhood canvas of mixed cultures and rich heritage.  Turquoise feathers infer colorful birds and the many adventures life post High School will bring. The safe soft security of home and being wrapped in a warm blanket courtesy of the dusty miller. The shell is for walking the beach after prom. Center stage is the orchid with its fuchsia petals ready to have fun and dance the night away.

By the way she had a date: this is the boutonniere created to accent her dress, her corsage and her personality, he was as proud to wear it as he was to have her on his arm.

-Client connection- Blue Ocean Boutonniere by Lori Kunian CFD

This post was an exercise in applying artistic process to what a good florist, yes I said florist- not floral designer does when they are passionate about what they do and where they do it. A florist does not have the luxury of simply playing with flowers, they have to pay the bills, stock the store, motivate the help and keep the government at bay. They have to create beautiful saleable art and do it quickly.  So Lori did not take time to sketch, go to market to choose the perfect blooms or search Pinterest for inspiration. Knowing her inventory and drawing on experience she went to the design bench and created the base, boxed it and put it on the shelf to have flowers added to it on the appropriate day. 

Just like Norm Abrams making a craftsman style table, she knew what was to be done and by applying her process, she did it. In the hands of a master it looks easy buy it takes lots of practice to become one who can make it look effortless.

-Client connection- Blue Ocean Wrist corsage and Boutonniere by Lori Kunian CFD

If you want a beautiful corsage, boutonniere, necklace, hairpiece, floral crown or any floral accessory for prom and you are north of Boston give Lori Kunian CFD a call at her shop in Melrose MA or visit her website..

I hope you enjoyed this guest post- Special thanks to Lisa Greene and Lori who so graciously accepted my invitation to guest post &  share one of her creative prom designs with us.

Do I need a corsage for my date?

The reason you need a corsage and boutonniere for prom

I see this question a lot lately..
this question ranks right up there with:

Do we have to go somewhere nice for dinner?
Do I have to get dressed up? 
Do I really need to use good manners? 
(Do I have to go on?..) 

I can tell you the history behind the traditional exchange
of corsages and boutonnieres, and although interesting,
some of the reasons behind the tradition aren't relevant
to today's prom.. 
For instance, this fun fact from 
the Etiquette School of Ohio (Read the entire article here) 
"This tradition comes from a time period, long ago, when flowers were worn to make one smell heavenly while dancing with a partner. Frequent showers, expensive perfumes, and air conditioning were rare if available at all."
Well, I'm pretty sure we all take frequent showers now,
so why should you still continue the tradition? 

The reason you need a corsage and boutonniere for prom
Let me ask YOU a couple questions.
Do you want to have a good time with your date at prom?
nothing worse than a disappointed pouting date giving you the silent treatment- or the 'everyone else has one except my date' awkwardness.

Do you want your date to feel valued and special?

You've executed the perfect promposal, planned the entire evening from the pre-prom photo party to the after party,.. Don't leave out that special little gift just for your date. 
That small cluster of fragrant flowers that says..
 "I'm glad you're going to prom with me"