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Prom Flowers - Twist and Sprout!

While prom season may be over for some folks, here in Central Massachusetts, we still have 2 weeks to go.  With so many schools, prom season starts mid-March and lasts till the end of May - whew!

At Sprout this year, we were asked if we could put some prom flowers together for a photo shoot.  With photos of dresses to go on, we let ourselves run wild!  This sweet red ranunculus and baby's breath nosegay was given the most up to date and modern treatment by framing the ranunculus with a collar of baby's breath and silver wire.  Nosegays are a great option that will last in a vase of water long after prom night. 

Not every prom flower needs to be a wrist corsage.  This purple and white set of flowers are a flower tattoo which is stuck onto a shoulder (great with those one shouldered dresses!) and a floral hair clip.  Feathery touches take flowers to a new level.  :-)

Vintage is hot in weddings and this year the look trickled down to the prom going crowd with soft satiny ribbons and amazing keepsake bracelets that look like they came right from the vintage store.

Peacock tones are everywhere, so why not peacock feathers?!  We have feathers in all colors, but the natural ones are a great fit with the lime cymbidium orchid wrist corsage and matching boutonniere.

  Prom flowers are some of the most customized work we do. They should always have that special twist and be as original as you are! (this photo courtesy Bay State Parent Magazine, all others by Sprout)

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