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When Prom Flowers Meet Fashion Week-

What do you get when you combine Fitz Design prom products 
with the “Fashion Week”of the floral industry?
 A whole lot of gorgeous, trendy body flower designs!
Let me explain...

Fitz Design is the leading provider of keepsake corsage bracelets 
and other floral jewelry that you readers can find at premier
 florists throughout the US. Since my company began distributing the 
Fitz Design line three years ago
 I have enjoyed offering my customers (florists),
and in turn their customers (YOU!) gorgeous bracelets, anklets,
necklaces and hair pieces that are the canvas 
for fabulous corsage and body flower designs.
 Best of all, the Fitz Design products offer a 
detachable design platform that can be removed after the
 prom/homecoming/wedding/dance so that your fabulous  
piece of jewelry can be worn again for
 special occasions or in your everyday life!

This past summer the owner of the Fitz Design company,
Dan Fisher, called and offered me the most exciting opportunity 
of my life - to work with the Fitz Design team at the 
last July. This is like the “Fashion Week” of the floral industry
 - where the top floral designers in the world gather
 to see the latest, trendiest products and designs in the industry. 
It was the equivalent of Betsey Johnson calling me up
 and asking me to work on her team at
Fashion Week in New York! 
It was the experience of a lifetime. I never knew that
flowers and the floral industry could be so EXCITING!

However, it seemed wrong to me that only a few hundred people 
in the world would be able to see this beauty and art.
 Art is meant to be shared...So now, I bring you photos of
some of the most beautiful body and prom flower designs imaginable.
Incorporated in these designs are the
 fashionable new Fitz Design products that will be available from
your local florists for the 2012 prom season. Enjoy the show! 

Eye Candy- New for Prom 2012!
"Eye Candy" - the "blingy slinky" that can be worn as a corsage bracelet, hair piece, ankle piece, or arm band. Versatile... different... trendy... fun...

Diamond Horizon Boutonniere Holder

 "Diamond Horizon" Boutonniere Holder with Gleaming Leaves accent piece.
Diamond Strands Hair Piece  
Composite flower wrist corsage
Composite flower design complete with
Gleaming Leaves and Cosmic Rays for a piece that is both unique and elegant.
Cascadezz as a boutonniere - New look for Prom 2012
Just because a piece is designed to be worn one way, doesn't mean it HAS to be! Here one of the Cascadezz - wrist corsage bracelet with ring connector - is worn as a boutonniere. Girls - think how stunning this would look on YOUR date! 
Dazzle Line is incorporated into a boutonniere. 
Sheba Cascadezz new for Prom 2012
 This is a new style of the Cascadezz being released for 2012. The name is Sheba. I was privileged to wear this piece to a black tie dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was! Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion? Not with Fitz!
Fireworks accent piece as a ring
The Fireworks accent piece attaches nicely to one of the Fitz floral rings. Three simple components make one stunning statement ring.
Composite orchid Corsage with Gleaming Leaves accents
 Another composite flower design made with cymbidium orchid petals, the Eye Candy bracelet, and Gleaming Leaves for accents.
The new for 2012 Flourish boutonniere holder 
For the princess in you... enjoy one of the Fitz Design Tiaras.

Meet Delilah - no, she is not one of the models. She is the finger to elbow piece shown  on the right. If you plan on being a wallflower for the evening, then this is not the piece for you. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd - Delilah will help you shine!

Cascading corsage made with the Showgirl piece.
Trendsetter Bracelet
  Trendsetter adjustable bracelet. No... its not just for wrists! Perfect accent for the short dresses that we are seeing for 2012.

 If you see a product here
that your local florist is not featuring,
   We will help put you in contact with someone who can. 
We have a network of florists throughout the US
  that will be more than happy to design a unique corsage or body
flower design to make your prom ensemble absolutely perfect!

Content © Sarah Botchick Pioneer Wholesale Co.
Images © Fitz Design, shown with permission of Fitz Design company.
All designs created by team of designers for Fitz Design.

When Proms hit England...

When I was a teenager leaving school, we had a leavers disco which was held in the school hall and if I remember correctly I did not even go.  I know that the very fact that I am talking about it this way means that you know I am old....... er than some of you.

But then the American style prom hit the next generation...... limousines, make up, hair up, hair down, eyelashes tinted, eyebrows waxed and not to mention the DRESS.... the wonderful prom dress that has to be different, has to be perfect, has to be just right!!  Prom goers don't know where they are going, they have to have a passport, and a date and OMG (as they say) prom day is planned like a wedding with all the usual trimmings and more.

So something is missing right???  Yeah right!!  The flowers, the English girls forgot about the flowers... how could they?   How could they not realise that a wrist corsage of beautiful Roses or Orchids adorned with diamante, pearl and ribbon can help to set you apart from the crowd.

However, slowly but surely we are changing that and whilst our corsage orders are not huge, they are there and year on year they are getting that bit more adventurous.  I am educating our girls and their mums one by one.   It is going to be a long process but by hook or by crook we will get there.

So, what do our girls like?  Well, like all girls in general, they like diamante, they like pearls.  They like satin ribbon looped and draped.  They like a single Gerbera daisy or a spray of delicate Roses.  A funky Phalanopsis Orchid or a vintage Ranunculous.

But for me, a picture tells a thousand words so here are some of the designs we have come up with for our English girls.....

A funky wrist corsage with black and white accessories.

Cerise and orange peonies designed with unique in mind.

Mini Eden spray roses and gysophelia help create this pretty in pink corsage.

Black and silver sheer ribbon creates a contemporary feel to this black and white corsage.
Gerbera and bling, what more can I say??
Thanks for letting me share our English ways, with love Paula xx
The English Florist with American florist friends..
Paula Forbs
202 Warrington Rd, Wildnes, Cheshire

Add some *ZING* to Your Prom Flowers!

Ho-hum, white roses,.. again?
#1 - Don't be afraid to work with colorful flowers.
Just like the newest looks in prom dress are featuring bold patterns and vibrant tones, your flowers can have the same personality. This lovely couple wanted a little *pop* of color against their simple black attire. Tinted blue orchids added that fun accent they were looking for!

Blue orchid wrist corsage
Blue orchid boutonnere

A tropical themed dress begs for some hot tropical colored flowers. This matching set of mini carnations and mini Phalenopsis orchids and the FABULOUS new Sashaba tie dyed rose makes a colorful and fun statement.

Orchid and tie dye Sashaba rose
Even though we are seeing more couples opt for new flower varieties (alstromeria, freesia, mini callas, & mmmm orchids) many still opt for the classic white sweetheart rose corsage. Not to worry, you can still add some personality to these simple blooms with glittery accents, painted tips, & sparkle.
Aqua glitter tipped white sweetheart rose boutonnere
White rose boutonniere with aqua glitter tip accent. No there are no aqua flowers but, yes - we can compliment this popular color very well!
White aqua glitter tipped roses with crystal accents
Aqua glittered white sweetheart roses with Matching  sheer aqua ribbon and crystal accents. A terrific rhinestone bracelet was added as keepsake gift for this lucky girl!

White sweetheart rose wristlet with decorative wire accent. Just a touch of crazy wire adds a little something that takes this corsage out of the 'ordinary' category.

White rose wrist corsage with purple wire and ribbon accents
Whether your look is bold and contemporary or traditional and classic, add some personality to 
your prom flowers. 
After all,.. they should reflect YOU!

Purple glitter tipped roses. Fun!

Tracy D'Amico
257 South Main St (route 9)
Barnegat, NJ  08005

Prom Flowers - Twist and Sprout!

While prom season may be over for some folks, here in Central Massachusetts, we still have 2 weeks to go.  With so many schools, prom season starts mid-March and lasts till the end of May - whew!

At Sprout this year, we were asked if we could put some prom flowers together for a photo shoot.  With photos of dresses to go on, we let ourselves run wild!  This sweet red ranunculus and baby's breath nosegay was given the most up to date and modern treatment by framing the ranunculus with a collar of baby's breath and silver wire.  Nosegays are a great option that will last in a vase of water long after prom night. 

Not every prom flower needs to be a wrist corsage.  This purple and white set of flowers are a flower tattoo which is stuck onto a shoulder (great with those one shouldered dresses!) and a floral hair clip.  Feathery touches take flowers to a new level.  :-)

Vintage is hot in weddings and this year the look trickled down to the prom going crowd with soft satiny ribbons and amazing keepsake bracelets that look like they came right from the vintage store.

Peacock tones are everywhere, so why not peacock feathers?!  We have feathers in all colors, but the natural ones are a great fit with the lime cymbidium orchid wrist corsage and matching boutonniere.

  Prom flowers are some of the most customized work we do. They should always have that special twist and be as original as you are! (this photo courtesy Bay State Parent Magazine, all others by Sprout)

Cathy Walsh
118 A June St.
Worcester MA  01602

Prom Flowers with Versatility and Functionality

Here at Gillespie Florists, we have been offering Fitz wristlets and other keepsake products for three years running.  Every year we are surprised at not only how many keepsake wristlets we sell but also the unique uses for the Fitz products!

This year we had a young man come in looking for an alternative wristlet. He was asked if he was looking for something new to this year or a unique design.  He was having a hard time explaining what he wanted. He said he wanted a wrist corsage but that it simply wouldn’t work.  He was showed some of our more unusual corsages, such as Wild Side and Pink Ice

Wild Side is three yellow sweet heart roses put in a triangular design with zebra ribbons hanging off the side of the wrist. It is accented with seeded eucalyptus and limonium and is attached to a black and silver Fitz beaded wristlet!

Pink Ice has three pink sweet heart roses with a delicate silver bow and rhinestone sprays. These beautiful roses are attached to one of the new cascade wristlets made by Fitz.  The new cascade wristlets are rhinestones that appear to be cascading from your wrist, across the top of your hand and finishes off with a delicate strand meeting the middle finger with a rhinestone topped ring!

Our customer liked these corsages and many of our other designs but we could tell it was not quite right. We were stumped; he was not communicating the real issue that would help us solve the problem.

Finally, he told us his date had only one arm. He didn’t get into details as to what had happened but he wanted to make sure that she had a great and memorable prom. He felt like that a wrist corsage would get in her way and hinder her movements. The thought of getting her a pin-on corsage made him cringe. He needed something that was functional but made her feel included, special and beautiful.

Now, with understanding, we knew the perfect corsage for her!

Callista has five lavender sweet heart roses, lovely silver ribbon, small silver leaves and beads. All adorned to a prom silver armband with swirls and large rhinestones.

He loved it! It was unique enough to make her feel special but close enough to a wrist corsage that she wouldn’t feel out of place!

Year after year, we at Gillespie Florists come up with many new prom designs for reasons just like this! Everyone wants a corsage that will fit her personal style and needs. For us to meet that, we need versatility in our collection!

Gillespie Florists
9255 W. 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46234

All images are copyrighted and owned by Gillespie Florists.

Y.H.S. Prom Review

Prom has come and gone here in Yerington NV
What a busy busy couple of weeks!
Prom orders ready for flowers
We started ordering new ribbons and bracelets in March &
we also started making the wire free form cuffs that were so popular this year. 
In the week before prom we carefully combined the bracelets, ribbons and selected
rhinestones or bead sprays to make the corsage base on which the 
flowers were eventually attached.


Here are a few of the finished free form wire cuff corsages...
Red black and white corsage on wire cuff

Red and black corsage on black & gold free form cuff

White corsage and boutonniere  also lavender wire cuff
Blue and white corsage with callas and pearls

We did a few other styles with wire and beads- below a turquoise & silver cuff with 
miniature Calla lilies. One of my personal favorites was this whimsical 
dragonfly  finished with white rosebuds.
Turquoise and white Prom corsage & boutonniere

Custom Dragonfly prom corsage with white roses

We took lots of orders for bright colors this year too. Many of those orders were to be paired 
with black & white dresses. 
Orange & turquoise corsage and matching boutonniere

Orange and Hot pink roses with blue black and turquoise ribbons.

 AND lots of pretty white corsages too...

White and green with navy blue corsage and matching boutonniere

Elegant white wrist corsage with royal blue accents & ribbon

Tracey Foster
Yerington. Nevada

Color - Finding the Perfect Combination!

The first question your florist will ask you, 
"What color is your dress?" 

Night Moves One Shoulder Prom Dress

Red and Yellow Prom flowers

This dictates the direction of the conversation and questions that will follow. 
Many girls are looking to match the color of their dress and although  that is one way to go, some
colors are difficult to match.  Look for complimentary colors to your dress.   Shades of your color are a great way to go and give more dimension and texture to your corsage.

Magenta, Lavender & Pink corsage with bead & wire accents
Jovani Pink Print Strapless Prom Dress

It's also important to remember that  multi-color corsages compliment a solid color dress beautifully, while corsages in all one color (monochromatic) are best with the beautiful print dresses so popular this year.
I find that when a customer has a dress that doesn't have a rose color that matches perfectly, the customer always falls back to that faithful  white rose.  
 There are many other great flowers that can be used in corsages. Take a look at orchids, freesia, mini-gerberas, and gladiolus blooms, all come in a wide range of colors. 
You would be surprised!

Peach Rose Boutonniere with grass accents

  There are a variety of fun greenery and filler flowers too!  Don't be afraid to step outside of the box and set a trend!  Your floral designer is always looking
 for the new  flower varieties and corsage accessories on the market and keeping up with the latest trends.

White Dendrobium Orchid Boutonnieres
  If you give your florist enough notice they can even customize a wrist band and flowers to match your dress perfectly.   
For example, if you have turquoise beading in your dress, your floral designer can wire some beading  into your flowers or wrist band  to match your dress.  It's no longer just a corsage,
it's floral jewelry! 

Elegant Strapless Print Dress

Blue, Turquoise, Fuchsia Wrist Corsage

Let's have some fun coordinating your floral jewelry to your beautiful dress!  Remember, your florist is here to help you with perfect color selections!
  Let's set some trends ladies!  

Green & Purple Boutonniere

Rachelle Nyswonger AIFD
Flowers by Rachelle
2485 Notre Dame Blvd #240
Chico, Ca. 95928

Thanks to Rachelle for this great post on color!