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When Prom Flowers Meet Fashion Week-

What do you get when you combine Fitz Design prom products 
with the “Fashion Week”of the floral industry?
 A whole lot of gorgeous, trendy body flower designs!
Let me explain...

Fitz Design is the leading provider of keepsake corsage bracelets 
and other floral jewelry that you readers can find at premier
 florists throughout the US. Since my company began distributing the 
Fitz Design line three years ago
 I have enjoyed offering my customers (florists),
and in turn their customers (YOU!) gorgeous bracelets, anklets,
necklaces and hair pieces that are the canvas 
for fabulous corsage and body flower designs.
 Best of all, the Fitz Design products offer a 
detachable design platform that can be removed after the
 prom/homecoming/wedding/dance so that your fabulous  
piece of jewelry can be worn again for
 special occasions or in your everyday life!

This past summer the owner of the Fitz Design company,
Dan Fisher, called and offered me the most exciting opportunity 
of my life - to work with the Fitz Design team at the 
last July. This is like the “Fashion Week” of the floral industry
 - where the top floral designers in the world gather
 to see the latest, trendiest products and designs in the industry. 
It was the equivalent of Betsey Johnson calling me up
 and asking me to work on her team at
Fashion Week in New York! 
It was the experience of a lifetime. I never knew that
flowers and the floral industry could be so EXCITING!

However, it seemed wrong to me that only a few hundred people 
in the world would be able to see this beauty and art.
 Art is meant to be shared...So now, I bring you photos of
some of the most beautiful body and prom flower designs imaginable.
Incorporated in these designs are the
 fashionable new Fitz Design products that will be available from
your local florists for the 2012 prom season. Enjoy the show! 

Eye Candy- New for Prom 2012!
"Eye Candy" - the "blingy slinky" that can be worn as a corsage bracelet, hair piece, ankle piece, or arm band. Versatile... different... trendy... fun...

Diamond Horizon Boutonniere Holder

 "Diamond Horizon" Boutonniere Holder with Gleaming Leaves accent piece.
Diamond Strands Hair Piece  
Composite flower wrist corsage
Composite flower design complete with
Gleaming Leaves and Cosmic Rays for a piece that is both unique and elegant.
Cascadezz as a boutonniere - New look for Prom 2012
Just because a piece is designed to be worn one way, doesn't mean it HAS to be! Here one of the Cascadezz - wrist corsage bracelet with ring connector - is worn as a boutonniere. Girls - think how stunning this would look on YOUR date! 
Dazzle Line is incorporated into a boutonniere. 
Sheba Cascadezz new for Prom 2012
 This is a new style of the Cascadezz being released for 2012. The name is Sheba. I was privileged to wear this piece to a black tie dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was! Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion? Not with Fitz!
Fireworks accent piece as a ring
The Fireworks accent piece attaches nicely to one of the Fitz floral rings. Three simple components make one stunning statement ring.
Composite orchid Corsage with Gleaming Leaves accents
 Another composite flower design made with cymbidium orchid petals, the Eye Candy bracelet, and Gleaming Leaves for accents.
The new for 2012 Flourish boutonniere holder 
For the princess in you... enjoy one of the Fitz Design Tiaras.

Meet Delilah - no, she is not one of the models. She is the finger to elbow piece shown  on the right. If you plan on being a wallflower for the evening, then this is not the piece for you. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd - Delilah will help you shine!

Cascading corsage made with the Showgirl piece.
Trendsetter Bracelet
  Trendsetter adjustable bracelet. No... its not just for wrists! Perfect accent for the short dresses that we are seeing for 2012.

 If you see a product here
that your local florist is not featuring,
   We will help put you in contact with someone who can. 
We have a network of florists throughout the US
  that will be more than happy to design a unique corsage or body
flower design to make your prom ensemble absolutely perfect!

Content © Sarah Botchick Pioneer Wholesale Co.
Images © Fitz Design, shown with permission of Fitz Design company.
All designs created by team of designers for Fitz Design.

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