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When Proms hit England...

When I was a teenager leaving school, we had a leavers disco which was held in the school hall and if I remember correctly I did not even go.  I know that the very fact that I am talking about it this way means that you know I am old....... er than some of you.

But then the American style prom hit the next generation...... limousines, make up, hair up, hair down, eyelashes tinted, eyebrows waxed and not to mention the DRESS.... the wonderful prom dress that has to be different, has to be perfect, has to be just right!!  Prom goers don't know where they are going, they have to have a passport, and a date and OMG (as they say) prom day is planned like a wedding with all the usual trimmings and more.

So something is missing right???  Yeah right!!  The flowers, the English girls forgot about the flowers... how could they?   How could they not realise that a wrist corsage of beautiful Roses or Orchids adorned with diamante, pearl and ribbon can help to set you apart from the crowd.

However, slowly but surely we are changing that and whilst our corsage orders are not huge, they are there and year on year they are getting that bit more adventurous.  I am educating our girls and their mums one by one.   It is going to be a long process but by hook or by crook we will get there.

So, what do our girls like?  Well, like all girls in general, they like diamante, they like pearls.  They like satin ribbon looped and draped.  They like a single Gerbera daisy or a spray of delicate Roses.  A funky Phalanopsis Orchid or a vintage Ranunculous.

But for me, a picture tells a thousand words so here are some of the designs we have come up with for our English girls.....

A funky wrist corsage with black and white accessories.

Cerise and orange peonies designed with unique in mind.

Mini Eden spray roses and gysophelia help create this pretty in pink corsage.

Black and silver sheer ribbon creates a contemporary feel to this black and white corsage.
Gerbera and bling, what more can I say??
Thanks for letting me share our English ways, with love Paula xx
The English Florist with American florist friends..
Paula Forbs
202 Warrington Rd, Wildnes, Cheshire

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