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Book Review- Fresh Floral Jewelry

This book has been on my Wish List for a while

(can anyone believe I didn't have it before now?!) 

Fresh Floral Jewelry: Creating Wearable Art with Wendy Andrade  

by Wendy Andrade, NDSF, AIFD and CFD

Published March 28, 2013
Wendy Andrade is a freelance floral designer based in London. She is a regular contributor to 
Her designs have also been found at the 2010 Oscars and other prestigious events.. 
Long story short... She knows more about floristry than most of us!

The book devotes the first few pages to materials, tools & techniques - along with easy to understand instructions and photos. The rest of the book is devoted to 32 projects covering the four seasons. Not just pretty pictures, each project has lots of instructions and 'how to' photos.

Example from book

Most of the projects are necklaces with only 8 bracelets or cuffs. Any of the necklace projects can easily be adapted to a bracelet size. 

another example- my favorite!

What I love about this book:
It serves as a springboard to creativity- any one of these techniques or projects can be built upon, or altered with great results once you've mastered the techniques. 

It emphasizes exacting precision over and over-  from simple binding to the more elaborate designs. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals, don't you think? 

We've sure come a long way with wire- here are a few of the designs from theProm & Homecoming book (published in 2007) by John Henry...

Compare them to a few of the designs from this book... 

Love this book for prom inspiration!

Who has a copy? 
What do you think? 
Have you tried some of the projects? 

Please leave a comment!

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