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Wire Ideas for Prom

  Hello, my name is Rhonda Little and I have been a florist in a small town in Maine for 39 years.  I am a Certified Floral Designer and Maine Master Floral Designer.  In July, I will be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design, a lifetime goal of mine since I began in the floral business.  As a member of the Maine Florists' Association and an officer in the association,
 I have had the pleasure of networking with some of the best in our industry while attending all educational programs I could.

 I am pleased and honored to offer some trendy ideas for not just proms but also for other occasions when a wrist corsage is requested. I keep up with emerging trends in the floral business and found wire wristlets and floral jewelry intriguing.  

  Inspired by the book Fresh Floral Jewelry by Wendy Andrade and by other floral artists, I have worked with the wire to produce some designs to utilize for prom and special occasions.  Thanks to the various sizes you can make, these wristlets can be altered to fit any size wrist or arm making them perfect also for father/daughter dances or young wedding attendants and even some unusual attendants such as a favorite "fur kid" (dog)!!

  The turquoise wristlet has been made with bendable "cuffs" to wrap around the wrist holding it in place.  The circlets of wire allow for placement of blooms such as dendrobium orchids, vanda orchids, or small mixes of stock, statice, delphinium blooms.  A "bullion lace" fills the void in the stiffer aluminum wire frame for a softer feel on the wrist or arm.  The same design could be extended for an upper arm cuff.

  The green "cuff" design is a bit bulkier in size but is bendable to fit tightly on the wrist.  Although larger, it is still light to wear and the circlets imbedded inside the cuff allow for multiple blooms of various sizes to be attached.  This design offers a "base" for mixed flower corsages.

  The "braided" wristlet is very light to wear and the three circlets on each end allow for attachment of blooms.  
This style of bracelet can be enlarged as shown to allow a wrist to mid lower arm bracelet. 

The same style of braided wire can be shortened to attach as a wristlet for a young attendant for a wedding or enlarged for a "collar" for your favorite canine attendant.
  I hope you enjoyed, I hope you see a design you like! 

 Keep imagining... keep wondering... keep designing!

Rhonda Little CFD mmfd
Certified Floral Designer/Maine Master Floral Designer
Millinocket Floral Shop

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