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Fascinators---A New Trend for Prom!

Eastern Floral, one of the nations leading retail florists with seven locations across West Michigan, has seen a number of proms in their 60 years of operation. As professional florists, we encourage all of our designers take continued education classes to keep up on current trends. Recently we attend the Michigan Florist Association "Great Lakes Floral Expo" where a number of our designers elected to take a design class about fascinators, and the creative wheels began to turn....

 At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011, many of their female guests arrived wearing "fascinators". A fascinator is a beautiful hair accessory, or cocktail hat, composed of feathers, flowers, ribbons and jewels, and are commonly worn at formal occasions, such as weddings, or as an evening accessory.

 Fascinators have been at the height of European, Australian and South African fashion for a number of years. Many of the fascinators worn by their guests caused a media buzz, and drew international attention to this unique fashion. It didn't take long for this to become a popular trend in the United States. Eastern Floral saw this as an opportunity to set themselves, and their product, apart by creating a line of fascinators that are appropriate for the biggest formal occasion of the year.... Prom!

The fascinators created by the staff of Eastern Floral were inspired by European trends and styles. With prices ranging from $25 - $40, each design is a glamorous alternative to the traditional prom corsage.

Abigail Fascinator

Madison Clip Fascinator
Queenie Fascinator
Sophia Fascinator

 Fastened to a comb, clip, or thin headband, girls can easily attach the comb and clip styles to their hair, even after they leave the salon. Based on what the hair style will be for the big night, someone may want to have the headband style fascinator on-hand for the hair stylist to work around. So give it a try and stand out at your prom this year with this new style of wearing flowers with a fascinator.

To view Eastern Floral's fascinator collection follow them on Pinterest, friend them on Facebook, or visit their "Dance Flower" category at

Eastern Floral
818 Butterworth St. SW
Grand Rapids, MI

Our First Question!

A lot of changes have been taking place at Prom Flowers!
Please have patience with us- we (Smitten Design & myself) have been working hard
to get everything on the blog in it's proper place & finishing up with some of the new buttons.
In the midst of all this we received our first question!

Erin from Pennsylvania writes: 

My name is Erin. I am from southeastern Pennsylvania and will be attending my junior prom here this spring. I am trying to decide what would look best for my dress it terms of a corsage and was wondering if you might have any ideas for it. Thank you for your time!

Erin's Dress
 Answering Erin's question today will be 
Cathy Walsh- Owner & designer at Sprout - Worcester Mass. 
Tracey Foster- Owner & designer at Twigs - Yerington, NV
Adam Pomerantz - Owner & designer at Belevedere Flowers- Havertown PA
Hayley Pederson- Sophmore at Yerington High School

  "hand tied bouquets have become very popular here in PA! You may want to consider doing a hand tied bouquet instead of a wrist corsage-
Check out the Royal Blue Princess bouquet here- It has both the light and dark shades of blue that would go well with your dress."

"Hi Erin:    What a beautiful dress! 
I think a wrist corsage would look amazing with your dress.  A silver beaded bracelet with light blue flowers and silver ribbon would be stunning. 
I hope you have a awesome time at Prom."             -Hayley

" love your dress! keeping your dress style in mind, I would go with something asymmetrical-  maybe with some fun swirly silver wire accents to mirror the style of the bodice.(like this wire cuff corsage) Can't really tell from the picture, are there any bead or crystal accents? if so, you would want to include some in your corsage-
 I would go with a white focal flower and use blue accent flowers (delphinium florets, thistle, or blue Iris petals) accent it with some silver & blue ribbon."    -Tracey

Erin -

For your look I would go with Blue and Bling! (shown here)  The pop of cobalt blue delphinium, white orchids, and crystal accents, all on a rhinestone bracelet will complement your gown.  The coordinating boutonniere has just a hint of feathers - a detail that would also work on your wrist corsage.  For an extra pow, try adding some some ribbon shooting asymmetrically off to one side! 
 Cathy @ Sprout

I hope everyone enjoyed our first question post-
If you have a question please send us a message!

And the Winner is..................

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the 

Dawn- please send me an email with your information so I can get this out in the mail for you ASAP
(hopefully in time for your 4/28 prom)
I will  also send you the instructions from Galassia I used. 
Hope you have lots of fun with it. 

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Bouquet to Hold or Corsage to wear?

Here are a couple different floral choices for this flirty pink prom look...
Hot pink orchids for your wrist from Gillespie florist 
A mix of hot & medium pink flowers 
in a posy size bouquet to hold from 

Lipsy dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
£50 -

Marchesa handbag

Belvedere Prom Gallery


Gotta  love Polyvore!- where else can you find a a great dress from the U.K.  & put it together with Yves Saint Laurent pumps and make the whole look your own?

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The Galassia Flowers Trial- Assembly

It's here! 
The package of Galassia flowers materials needed to
 make this beautiful corsage....
Lights on & Lights off- pretty cool huh?
& now I get to try it out for myself!

I'm using a stem of peach spray roses, a ribbon base to glue the flowers into 
and the silver beaded wristlet. On that sheet of paper are the directions-
 you can also find them here.
 For today, I'll attach the ribbons to the device and the device to the wristlet
 with a couple squares of U-glue.

here is a video showing how it came together..


It's VERY cool- nothing else like it anywhere..
(this should count for at least 3) 
Pretty easy to put together

That fugly Velcro wrist strap I cut off.
the light part is a little awkward & bulky- I would worry about
it flopping around on a fancy bracelet.
and the price- 
this feature adds $45+ (depending on your area) to the price
of your basic corsage.

So the question is
Would YOU want this for your prom? 

Here's a chance to win the materials I used!
(Compliments of Galassia Flowers)
It's easy-
Just leave a comment! (you may need to subscribe first & I hope you do!)
  A name will be picked next Saturday (4/21) at 4pm Pacific time
Remember to check back !

Cutting Edge Corsage Artistry... from Lewiston Idaho

We have found this time of year to be to very challenging as well as rewarding.  Three major floral holidays, Easter, Professional Administrators Day (Secretaries Day), and Mother’s Day and then our local high school’s Spring Proms test our creative abilities.
We accept that challenge and excel at meeting our clients expectations. 

Establishing a clientele that understands and trusts our artistic abilities starts with superior customer service.  With the Color of the dress we create one of a kind Floral Accessories.  We offer the matching boutonniere free with the purchase of the corsage.  This makes ordering easy.  Most of our couples bring in the dress or email us a picture making our job easy.  All the young man has to do is remember to pick up the corsage the day of the dance.  No stressing about the difference between periwinkle blue, teal and aqua.
 The young lady has already ordered what she wants….

Matching hair pieces are great floral accessories. Feathers are the hottest trim besides jewels.  Texture, line and focal…clean and great looking!

We offer several price points to fit any budget.  Our Custom made arm accessories start at $59.95, deluxe corsages $39.95 and up, fancy $34.95, standard $29.95, budget package starting at $19.95.

 A large selection of wristlets is available to satisfy that need for eye candy.  The most popular is the jeweled Fitz collection as well as the economy satin “scrunchy”.  Today the choices seem endless.

The choices of available botanicals have never been as diverse.  We use Gladiolas to create Glamilias.  Lime green, quartz purple, and peach tones are the most popular colors. Light weight and durable Glamilias are one of my favorites.

Mini Calla Lilies and Dendrobium Orchids are very popular.  Both very durable and light weight this is one of our best sellers. 

Gerbera Daisies are available in many different colors easily matching any dress. 

We are always evolving, inventing new looks to keep our corsages on the cutting edge of the industry.   Go to our web page and visit our Facebook Page for more photos and ideas. 
I am available for design shows and instructional workshops. 
 Please contact me for more information.

Mike Hollenbeck AIFD
Owner/Creative Director
Floral Artistry LLC
1008 Main Street
 Lewiston ID  83501

110 Wrist Corsages ....

and 75 boutonnieres were made with care by Renee & her team of floral designers at
Brown's Flowers to be given away!
Believe me- that's a lot of work..
(about 70 hours between 3 people)
So.... who were the lucky ones on the receiving end of all this time & effort?
 Attendees of the prom event in Cleveland, OH
A Prom to Remember

Through the great efforts of this organization, it's sponsors and countless volunteers
such as Renee from Brown's Flowers , teens in the Cleveland area who are otherwise battling
Cancer were able to forget about that for one night and just enjoy themselves!
Check out the video of last year's event below!

I asked Renee a little about how she came to be a part if it....
It turns out that her daughter works for one of the sponsors (Charles Schwab)  and she put the two together.
All the flowers were paid for through a fundraiser organized by her daughter & all the bracelets were donated by Pioneer Wholesale & Fitz Design.

I asked her how difficult was it to guess what colors and styles she should design since the girls and guys don't get to see the flowers until they walk in the door to the event. 
(this would drive me crazy!)

"We used all different colors, a hodgepodge. When the girls started coming in they found corsages that matched their dresses perfectly! We couldn't have planned it any better!"

(something tells me details like that have a way of
 working themselves out when you get involved in a project like this)

"Such a wonderful thing, we are so grateful we went! 
Those kids walked in with faces beaming & dressed to the nines. 
It was the most overwhelming positive experience I've had in a long time-
worth every bit of my work."

Renee Burns- owner of Brown's Flowers

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Purple Infusion

Purple Infusion
A surprise pop of  teal is perfect with this  purple collection.
 Just enough accent color to say

Bridal gown
$400 -

Dolce&Gabbana platform high heels
$745 -

Evening bag clutch
$300 -