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110 Wrist Corsages ....

and 75 boutonnieres were made with care by Renee & her team of floral designers at
Brown's Flowers to be given away!
Believe me- that's a lot of work..
(about 70 hours between 3 people)
So.... who were the lucky ones on the receiving end of all this time & effort?
 Attendees of the prom event in Cleveland, OH
A Prom to Remember

Through the great efforts of this organization, it's sponsors and countless volunteers
such as Renee from Brown's Flowers , teens in the Cleveland area who are otherwise battling
Cancer were able to forget about that for one night and just enjoy themselves!
Check out the video of last year's event below!

I asked Renee a little about how she came to be a part if it....
It turns out that her daughter works for one of the sponsors (Charles Schwab)  and she put the two together.
All the flowers were paid for through a fundraiser organized by her daughter & all the bracelets were donated by Pioneer Wholesale & Fitz Design.

I asked her how difficult was it to guess what colors and styles she should design since the girls and guys don't get to see the flowers until they walk in the door to the event. 
(this would drive me crazy!)

"We used all different colors, a hodgepodge. When the girls started coming in they found corsages that matched their dresses perfectly! We couldn't have planned it any better!"

(something tells me details like that have a way of
 working themselves out when you get involved in a project like this)

"Such a wonderful thing, we are so grateful we went! 
Those kids walked in with faces beaming & dressed to the nines. 
It was the most overwhelming positive experience I've had in a long time-
worth every bit of my work."

Renee Burns- owner of Brown's Flowers

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