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Fascinators---A New Trend for Prom!

Eastern Floral, one of the nations leading retail florists with seven locations across West Michigan, has seen a number of proms in their 60 years of operation. As professional florists, we encourage all of our designers take continued education classes to keep up on current trends. Recently we attend the Michigan Florist Association "Great Lakes Floral Expo" where a number of our designers elected to take a design class about fascinators, and the creative wheels began to turn....

 At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011, many of their female guests arrived wearing "fascinators". A fascinator is a beautiful hair accessory, or cocktail hat, composed of feathers, flowers, ribbons and jewels, and are commonly worn at formal occasions, such as weddings, or as an evening accessory.

 Fascinators have been at the height of European, Australian and South African fashion for a number of years. Many of the fascinators worn by their guests caused a media buzz, and drew international attention to this unique fashion. It didn't take long for this to become a popular trend in the United States. Eastern Floral saw this as an opportunity to set themselves, and their product, apart by creating a line of fascinators that are appropriate for the biggest formal occasion of the year.... Prom!

The fascinators created by the staff of Eastern Floral were inspired by European trends and styles. With prices ranging from $25 - $40, each design is a glamorous alternative to the traditional prom corsage.

Abigail Fascinator

Madison Clip Fascinator
Queenie Fascinator
Sophia Fascinator

 Fastened to a comb, clip, or thin headband, girls can easily attach the comb and clip styles to their hair, even after they leave the salon. Based on what the hair style will be for the big night, someone may want to have the headband style fascinator on-hand for the hair stylist to work around. So give it a try and stand out at your prom this year with this new style of wearing flowers with a fascinator.

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Eastern Floral
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