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Galassia Flowers- the next big thing?

Galassia Flowers

Simply put-
 Cut flowers and foliage that emit light!

It's a two part package- first the Galassia  formula which is sprayed on- 
and the Illumination device which with a easy flick of the switch reveals the 
glittery beauty you see in these photos.

Any flowers  you would use in your prom corsage can be treated with the Galassia formula.
I can't wait to get my hands on this product & try it out!

How does it work exactly? 

How do I apply the Galassia formulation?
Apply the formulation to the flowers or foliage with a few short sprays. The spray dries within minutes of application.
What do I do after I have applied the formulation?
Simply position the flowers next to the Galassia illumination device, and a simple flick of the switch reveals the fluorescence - adding splendor to beauty!

How long does the formulation last?
The formulation lasts for months after application – much longer than the flowers!
The formulation can be re-applied to brighten the effect whenever you want.
The shelf life of the product is several months - but it needs to be kept in the refrigerator.
Does the formulation wash off?
The spray does not rub off but can be washed off any surface with warm water and detergent. The spray rinses out of clothes with just water if done immediately; and a normal wash removes all traces of the formulation, even if left on for days.
The product is non-toxic.

For more information on this amazing product- visit


This new product developed by Bioconste
 will be available soon (in the coming months)  here in the U.S.

Read more about these amazing corsages
 and how to get them for your prom! 

Prom on the Rocks- Roses and Ranunuculus

Although I do enjoy working with lots of different flowers, the sweet spray rose is one of my favorites. Available in a rainbow of colors, easy to use (for the most part) & they dry beautifully. 
What's not to love?

Pale pink & gold on a pearl bracelet. As a finishing touch, we added a few loose pearl beads 
strung on gold bullion wire.

These roses were especially nice- a deep rich red & they opened beautifully.
So pretty with the bright silver & rhinestone flowers.

 The same roses in a different setting...

Roses with Hyacinth blooms tucked in...

Light pink and muted gold- Love how it looks with her necklace!

 Ranunuculus! I think they may be my new favorite-
so delicate & feminine. 

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Prom on the Rocks- Calla Lilies

If you are looking for an elegant corsage try 
miniature Calla lilies.
They come in many different colors- yellow, rusty reds, many shades of pink, 
dark purple-y eggplant and of course classic white.

How elegant are these black and white wrist corsages?
Both are designed on the Rock On bracelet from Fitz. 

Elegant black and white wrist corsage featuring white callas & spray roses

Black & white Calla wrist corsage with orchid blooms

For a more romantic look below we added delicate delphinium blooms on top and also
attached to the trailing silver ribbons. The bracelet is Rainbow Blossom from Fitz.
 Rhinestone sprays and beaded wire finish this ultra girly-girl design.
(one of my favorites)

Light blue & white wrist corsage with Callas & delphinium blooms

Picasso Callas are the variety used here- love the purple inside don't you?
Designed on one of our wire corsage cuffs-
 we used the larger size jewel beads- I need to find more of those
 in different colors for next year!

Picasso calla wrist corsage

Picasso Callas on wire wrist cuff
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designs in the Prom on the rocks series are created by
Tracey Foster- Twigs

the last in this series is coming up! 
Roses & Ranunuculus

Prom on the Rocks- Orchids

Our local prom for Yerington High School was this past Saturday
Here are a few of the corsages we did...

Orchids, specifically dyed blue Dendrobiums were popular this year. 

Blue orchids with purple and lavender
Blue orchids on a Luminous bracelet with peacock feather accent
sea green & blue corsage and boutonniere

One of our stylized cuffs shown below and it's matching boutonniere-I used big chunky hot & light pink jewels- you can see a couple if you look closely- LOVED how they looked with the wire. 
The bout is attached to his jacket lapel 
with a magnet! yay! no pins :)

And here's the prom couple- Hayley & Kyle
I'm just guessing, but
I bet the party doesn't start until they 
show up :)

One of my favorites shown below- Just look at those fabulous colors together! 
 fyi- These hot pink Bombay orchids are the variety used to create the blue orchids-

I loved this one too- especially with those sheer silver leaves & rhinestones. This is designed on the Versatile arm band by Fitz 

Another favorite - this pretty little Cymbidium corsage with teal ribbons, 
black sparkle mesh & pearl accents was left behind,
 unclaimed by the young couple who ordered it.

I'll post again as soon as I get the other photos cropped!



What goes with Teal or Aqua? 
Try flowers with a warm tone to contrast- Tangerine, like the miniature 
roses shown in this corsage or for the softer Aqua try peach or pale pink - 
no need to stay safe with basic white!

Peacock feather dress
€116 -

Platform heels

Tarina Tarantino chain necklace
$163 -


Prom flowers: Y.H.S. Prom 2011

New wire cuffs

So this is our second year doing these-
 I love them.
They look fabulous on and they fit 

Wire cuffs and armbands for 2012

Shown in the photo are a couple of the longer 
armband styles (in the back )
along with three of the popular free-form cuffs. 

I love this new design shown below- I think it's one of my favorites. 

Black & Silver wire cuff and matching bout.

The matching boutonniere is shown with it.
Just one or two special blooms are all you need with this ornate wrist cuff. 

Here is the same style in red with the flowers added...

Red and black wire cuff and matching bout with red spray roses and hyacinth & wax flower blooms

I would recommend simple elegant flowers with these- single rose blooms, miniature cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, or a couple of mini calla lilies placed diagonally.

Prom Flower Favorites

There are lots of flowers that work well for prom wrist corsages, but here are
 a few of our tried and true favorites!

What can you say about orchids except - LOVE!  They come in so many colors, are extremely long lasting, and are very light so your flowers won't be weighing you down on prom night.  The first two pics show cymbidium orchids - very sexy with a tropical punch!  The second two pictures feature dendrobium orchids - sweet and delicate looking but last all night long.

Baby Roses
Nothing says romance like roses.  When it comes to your wrist corsage, baby roses are the way to go.  They have the classic beauty of a rose but without being as bulky.  A much more feminine look than those 3 white rose granny panty elastic wristers!

Love something soft and romantic, but roses are too ordinary for you?  Try ranunculus!  A winter-spring bulb flower, they are available right through most of prom season.  Lots of frilly petals make these babies real head turners!
Gerbera Daisy
Don't let the word daisy fool you - this is not some first communion wrist corsage!  Gerbera daisies are perfect for someone who needs flowers that can hold their own with her big personality.  Few flowers are more fun on a wrist corsage than these!

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