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New wire cuffs

So this is our second year doing these-
 I love them.
They look fabulous on and they fit 

Wire cuffs and armbands for 2012

Shown in the photo are a couple of the longer 
armband styles (in the back )
along with three of the popular free-form cuffs. 

I love this new design shown below- I think it's one of my favorites. 

Black & Silver wire cuff and matching bout.

The matching boutonniere is shown with it.
Just one or two special blooms are all you need with this ornate wrist cuff. 

Here is the same style in red with the flowers added...

Red and black wire cuff and matching bout with red spray roses and hyacinth & wax flower blooms

I would recommend simple elegant flowers with these- single rose blooms, miniature cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, or a couple of mini calla lilies placed diagonally.

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