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Prom on the Rocks- Roses and Ranunuculus

Although I do enjoy working with lots of different flowers, the sweet spray rose is one of my favorites. Available in a rainbow of colors, easy to use (for the most part) & they dry beautifully. 
What's not to love?

Pale pink & gold on a pearl bracelet. As a finishing touch, we added a few loose pearl beads 
strung on gold bullion wire.

These roses were especially nice- a deep rich red & they opened beautifully.
So pretty with the bright silver & rhinestone flowers.

 The same roses in a different setting...

Roses with Hyacinth blooms tucked in...

Light pink and muted gold- Love how it looks with her necklace!

 Ranunuculus! I think they may be my new favorite-
so delicate & feminine. 

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