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Galassia Flowers- the next big thing?

Galassia Flowers

Simply put-
 Cut flowers and foliage that emit light!

It's a two part package- first the Galassia  formula which is sprayed on- 
and the Illumination device which with a easy flick of the switch reveals the 
glittery beauty you see in these photos.

Any flowers  you would use in your prom corsage can be treated with the Galassia formula.
I can't wait to get my hands on this product & try it out!

How does it work exactly? 

How do I apply the Galassia formulation?
Apply the formulation to the flowers or foliage with a few short sprays. The spray dries within minutes of application.
What do I do after I have applied the formulation?
Simply position the flowers next to the Galassia illumination device, and a simple flick of the switch reveals the fluorescence - adding splendor to beauty!

How long does the formulation last?
The formulation lasts for months after application – much longer than the flowers!
The formulation can be re-applied to brighten the effect whenever you want.
The shelf life of the product is several months - but it needs to be kept in the refrigerator.
Does the formulation wash off?
The spray does not rub off but can be washed off any surface with warm water and detergent. The spray rinses out of clothes with just water if done immediately; and a normal wash removes all traces of the formulation, even if left on for days.
The product is non-toxic.

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This new product developed by Bioconste
 will be available soon (in the coming months)  here in the U.S.

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