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Golden Globe Style

 lots of great gowns this year at the annual Golden Globe awards,  I'm sure many of these styles will show up at proms in the months to come-   

Shown below is Madonna in the metallic Reem Acra gown.

Taking a cue from the color: metallic pewter, and the style: slightly vintage and feminine,
a couple choices for flowers came to mind...

Pink and Black wrist corsage for prom 2012 by Sprout

Love this Raspberry & Pewter design by Sprout Flowers in
Worcester, MA
A great compliment to this dress, it adds just a bit of color while the beaded bracelet picks up the dress color. It will look great next to the collection of bracelets she's wearing. 



 One choice for Paris' gold gown  is this Calla design 

White and Gold wrist corsage for prom by Sprout
Elegant white calla lilies and ranunculus blooms are set off by glittery gold ribbon and metallic leaves.
you can either use the pearl bracelet as shown or go with one of the new bracelets by Fitz designs.
Fabulous in Carmel.
New for prom the Fabulous line from Fitz Design-
 Another choice is this elegant gold and white wristlet below. Just three orchid blooms are all that's needed for this trio of gold wire coils.

White orchid wrist corsage for prom


The last Gown is one worn by the actress Clair Danes- 
lovely gown with nice clean lines and the dramatic back calls for a corsage or bouquet with equally clean lines- no baby's breath or lacy ribbons needed here!
Instead try this sleek plum calla design... 
Plum calla Cuff by Sprout

This bold cuff is a great match for the dress- the delicate silver wire wound around the flowers is a nice contrast. The round rhinestone accents on the leaf could be replaced with bolder silver or rhinestone square shapes to tie in with the pattern on the dress. 

Another option is this striking clutch bouquet featuring white & dyed BLACK roses 
the feathery edging is dyed silver and black tree fern.
Black and white rose bouquet for prom from House of Flowers

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Designed for the Dress

I see lots of great prom ideas on Pintrest- everything from dresses & accessories to great hairstyles. 
It's becoming the one place to find the best of everything!
I found this gorgeous royal blue gown this morning ...

At Twigs, when consulting with a prom customer we suggest bringing their dress in 
or at least a picture of the dress-
As designers we look for more than just the color when designing a corsage. 
This dress, with it's dramatic asymmetrical neckline and beading needs a corsage that will play up those great details. 
Royal Blue and White Calla Wrist Corsage from Twigs
This white calla corsage is also asymmetrical. The custom wire cuff wraps around the wrist like the dress wraps up and over the shoulder. To customize this corsage even further- the pearls could be replaced with silver beads or rhinestones.
Shown below is a second option- This one is designed with deep blue Delphinium florets and delicate white Roses and fragrant Freesia. The sparkly silver tinsel thread picks up the silver detail in the gown beautifully with out being too over powering.   
Royal Silver and White wrist corsage by Twigs

If you would like a corsage designed for your dress- remember to give your florist 
plenty of time to 
reserve the flowers and 
accessories needed to complete it.  

Do you have a great dress, & need ideas for a corsage? Submit a question!

Don't Forget the Guys! Boutonniere Styles for Prom..

This year surprise your prom date with a stylish boutonniere!

The boutonniere has come a long way from it's 16th century roots...
  "boutonniere" is the French word for "buttonhole flower." Initially, the purpose of wearing a boutonniere was to ward off bad luck or evil. During the 18th & 19th centuries men became more fashionable and the boutonniere, usually a single bloom tucked in the top buttonhole of a suit jacket, became an important part of a man's attire- as important as his freshly shined shoes.

Today it is still an important part of a man's attire during special occasions such as a wedding 
and of course ... PROM!
Do you recognize this guy?

Shown below are three contemporary designs that use a magnet instead of a pin. 
Green is a great neutral color that will go with anything- just like the traditional white... only better!

I love the circular shapes shown below- the ring is created with colored wire wrapped with bear grass. If you guy is not wanting to 'wear a flower' this would be a great solution. 
The Bout at the top is created by using Hypericum Berries (also available in red) attached to a simple backing. The striking Cymbidium Orchid is simply attached using floral adhesive.

Red is always a hot color for prom & why not? The color red increases enthusiasm, 
stimulates energy & encourages confidence!
Check out these designs in red...
Energizing Red Boutonniere styles - always a favorite for proms.
At the top a circle of berries with a cut out design as a focal point- and remember those cut out designs could be anything you would like.. hearts, geometric shapes, music notes... anything!
Bottom left is a traditional rose bout but with a different stem ...
ribbon and wire wrapped individual stems that give a classic bout an entirely different updated look.
The last- a simple bloom attached to a background of grasses and accent wire. 
attached with a magnet- SOoo much easier than a pin.
Love this rose coil- the possibilities are endless.. just think all the different rose colors encased with matching wire.. or contrasting wire. or try a ranunculua, or a colorful carnation bud instead of a rose.

Just remember all the possibilities when ordering the bout & opt for something 
that will give your date a little style on his special evening.