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Let's talk about PROM Bouquets!


 Prom Nosegays, Posies and Arm Bouquets -- although are put together with the same types of materials, they are vastly different in style .

Prom Nosegay   
  Typically 6 "- 8" in diameter. (and sometimes larger depending on girl, school,
and her preference )A nosegay consists of at least a dozen blossoms ,    Extra material such as sparkly tulle tucks, Feathers, Flutterz, brooches , ribbon tucks and sometimes another flower choice or two. The stems of the bouquet are wrapped to compliment the gown or the tux.   Typically the very bottoms of the stems remain exposed .    bouquet is artificial I typically wrap it all and then finish the handle to compliment the gown styling. corseting,  
        using many many buttons or pearl pins down the stem is also quite popular .

Prom Posy 
         Typically  Less than 6 " - 8" inches in diameter,  A Prom Posey consists of 6 - 9 flowers,
I prefer to use gerbera daisies with gems glued into the center ,  flower heads for this bouquet .     Also incorporating an extra ,   feathers ,   flutterz , rhinestones and ribbon tucks .

Arm bouquets 
,       Typically 18"-26" long , 6 flowers usually three of two different types. I like to use Callas,   Mini Callas, Gerbera Daisies, Lillies and Roses. Long feathers, such as peacock and pheasant, work well with a few large leaves such as tropical aspisdtra or Ti,  Backing the design .   Curly willow or curly ting and tulle tucks .   Usually banding the handle of the  bouquet similarly to the above bouquets .   Base of the stems are often covered as well .

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