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MORE... Hand Tied Clutch Bouquets from Haverton PA

 It's been a while since we first featured the lovely prom bouquets by the talented designers at 
Belvedere Flowers in Havertown Pa. You can read more about them here.

Want to see what they've been up to lately?
 (I thought so)

Lovely warm colors in the bouquet below (Red roses, mango calla lily, bi-color
red & yellow tulips, orange and yellow gerbera daisies) are made more vibrant by the
lime green hydrangea under them. 

You've probably noticed these bouquets don't have any extra embellishments like
feathers, brooches, or other sparkly elements. What they may lack in the embellishment
department they make up for (and more) with the large variety of different flowers, each with
their own unique shape or texture that compliments the flowers around it.

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