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Sequin Love

You're right, Lady Gaga,
Sequins DO represent a good time! 
Not as fancy as rhinestones or as elegant as pearls, but the 
often time overlooked sequin has plenty of color & shine!

Doesn't this look like a good time waiting to happen?!

Gotta Flirt pink disco sneaker

And what's not to love about a shimmery-shiny gown of 
glorious sequins!

Feather your hair, grab that disco ball on the way out the door & 
you're ready for a good time.


Don't forget your corsage.... 

Milton Adler corsage design
Love Love LOVE this corsage with THAT dress..

Vibrant orange spray roses and tropical Bird of Paradise petals along with 
the purple sequin band, accent leaves and  touch of green. create a
Split Complimentary (contrast) color scheme.

Laser cut sequin corsage bands from Milton Adler


Although I haven't found the leaves lately, Milton Adler still makes the sequin 
wristbands in lots of great colors.

So take her advice- Don't take yourself too seriously &
have some fun choosing your corsage!


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