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Don't Forget the Guys! Boutonniere Styles for Prom..

This year surprise your prom date with a stylish boutonniere!

The boutonniere has come a long way from it's 16th century roots...
  "boutonniere" is the French word for "buttonhole flower." Initially, the purpose of wearing a boutonniere was to ward off bad luck or evil. During the 18th & 19th centuries men became more fashionable and the boutonniere, usually a single bloom tucked in the top buttonhole of a suit jacket, became an important part of a man's attire- as important as his freshly shined shoes.

Today it is still an important part of a man's attire during special occasions such as a wedding 
and of course ... PROM!
Do you recognize this guy?

Shown below are three contemporary designs that use a magnet instead of a pin. 
Green is a great neutral color that will go with anything- just like the traditional white... only better!

I love the circular shapes shown below- the ring is created with colored wire wrapped with bear grass. If you guy is not wanting to 'wear a flower' this would be a great solution. 
The Bout at the top is created by using Hypericum Berries (also available in red) attached to a simple backing. The striking Cymbidium Orchid is simply attached using floral adhesive.

Red is always a hot color for prom & why not? The color red increases enthusiasm, 
stimulates energy & encourages confidence!
Check out these designs in red...
Energizing Red Boutonniere styles - always a favorite for proms.
At the top a circle of berries with a cut out design as a focal point- and remember those cut out designs could be anything you would like.. hearts, geometric shapes, music notes... anything!
Bottom left is a traditional rose bout but with a different stem ...
ribbon and wire wrapped individual stems that give a classic bout an entirely different updated look.
The last- a simple bloom attached to a background of grasses and accent wire. 
attached with a magnet- SOoo much easier than a pin.
Love this rose coil- the possibilities are endless.. just think all the different rose colors encased with matching wire.. or contrasting wire. or try a ranunculua, or a colorful carnation bud instead of a rose.

Just remember all the possibilities when ordering the bout & opt for something 
that will give your date a little style on his special evening.

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