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Goth Goes to Prom

When you consider all the people who go to prom every year, there are as many different personalities as prom dresses! Think about magazine ads or popular prom scenes in movies: the predominant style is the sparkly and colorful dress. It’s pretty rare to see a dress in Gothic or Punk style, but they are out there and we’re here to help add the finishing touches to this not so mainstream style!  

 Last year, a young man was shopping for a prom corsage
 for his girlfriend. He was dressed in the classic Gothic style:  black clothing, chains hanging from his jeans and a skull around his neck. He was really excited to tell me about this awesome  black dress his date had found to create the perfect Gothic Prom look! 
He was concerned, however, that a typical prom corsage might not fit the style. Initially, he wanted the corsage to be completely black, even the flowers! Even though the focal color should be black, I like to create a bit of contrast with my designs. We ended up creating a corsage with deep “blood” red roses and all black trim.  When he picked up his corsage, 
he was very happy and was sure she would love it!
Sugar Skulls Set on Polyvore from Gillespie Florist

This encounter reminded me that we have customers of many personality and style types.  It is important to create designs that are not only mainstream, but outside the box, too!  I invited our designers to play around with flowers create corsages with that idea in mind and they came up with some amazing designs!

Sugar Skulls 
is created on a black bracelet with a vintage feel and has lavender sweetheart roses, statice, lazer leaves, black feathers, rhinestones,  black beads, black flash ribbon and skull accents. Almost everything in this corsage comes in a variety of colors, so feel free to customize the corsage for you. 
Sugar Skulls Corsage by Gillespie Florists
Skull Candy boutonniere

The Rock Star
 wrist corsage has a rhinestone and silver flash bracelet with pink sweetheart roses, wax flower, blue flash ribbon, lazer leaves, guitar and Rock Star accents. As an added touch, notice how the blue ribbon cascades down the wrist! 
Rock Star corsage by Gillespie Florists

What kind of style are you?
 Stop in at your local florist and let them know! They, like us, will do everything possible to tailor your prom flowers to your style. 
We recommend for you to bring in your date and the dress to help us compliment it perfectly! 
Don’t forget to check out your local florists website and Facebook page to get great ideas before your visit!

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