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How NOT to Order Perfect Prom Flowers

Connor’s mom calls me to order a corsage and boutonniere for prom.  All she knows is that he and his date are both wearing ivory:  Her dress -- solid ivory.  His tux – ivory with a black vest.  And he wants her to have a gold bracelet. 

My custom creations are below.  The bracelet is completely hand made with various types of gold art-wire, and ivory pearl beads.  I’m elated and sure they will love them!

Connor is one of my son’s best friends, and the plan is to have the group meet at our home before heading out to dinner. 

Upon their arrival, his date steps out of the truck wearing hot pink heels, a hot pink silk lily in her hair, and carrying a hot pink clutch.  Oh.  No!  These, as gorgeous as they are, don’t match the outfit.  Yikes!

Florist-Mom flies into action.  I take the flowers back to my work table and bring out Boronia flowers, hot pink corsage pins, and cold glue (floral adhesive).

Below is the exciting and perfect transformation:

Four Tips for ordering perfect prom flowers:

1).  Tell your florist the obvious.  What colors are you and your date wearing?
2).  Tell him or her about all of the accessories:  Shoes, Jewelry, Handbag, Hair Flowers, and is there any metallic in the outfit – gold or silver?

3).  Coordinate with your date to order your prom flowers as a set, so that they will match each other.

4).  If possible, provide a color swatch.  A paint chip from a home decorating center would work perfectly!

And there’s one more tip:  Find a good florist who knows the art of cold-glue corsage construction.  How do you do that?  Simply call your local floral shops and ask them.

Julia Miller
Edgewood, WA
All images are copyrighted and owned by Julia's Floral

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  1. I love the gold ribbon rosette! It is so beautiful and different!


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