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A Quick Update- Galassia Flowers at Prom

This morning I received this e-mail from some who had purchased the 
Galassia materials for her daughter's prom..
I have posted a couple times about this product 
You can read the first one HERE  and the second HERE


Hello Tracey,  OMG, OMG It was the hit of Prom! Thank You so much. I did my own tweaking of the product. Down side of the product it turns the flowers yellow and the flowers don't hold up all nite. It got her through most of the nite.When she came home the orchids were wilting. Over all, she was thrilled to have the best corsage.  Thanks, Sheree 


Here are the pictures Sheree shared with me...

Can we all agree right now that this young lady is adorable?! 

A close up of the corsage- Stephanotis & pale pink Dendrobium orchids. 
Below with the lights on....
Nice idea to use the sparkle tulle to hide the light below the ribbons, 
and if I'm not mistaken that's a Fitz bracelet too. 

You have to admit- this is pretty cool. The effect looks glittery on the petals doesn't it?

So glad your daughter had a great time at her prom, Sheree! 
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and these pictures with us. 


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