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The last High School Dance of my parenting career

My husband and I have reached a milestone:  Our five kids are “all grown up.” Here’s proof – our 18 year old son (the youngest) has registered to vote, registered for selective service, will graduate from high school in a few weeks, and recently attended his last prom ever.

Facing this reality head-on, here is what we did.  We opted out of a fun couples weekend in Vegas, allowing our son and his friends to use our home as their rendezvous spot.  And then I fussed over their prom flowers.

Let me say the teens were amazing, and so gracious about me wanting to get pictures of them, and of all the flowers – I’ll never get another chance, right??

Here is the group photo:  Our son, Ian, is in the back row wearing grey and teal.

Here are some detail shots of the prom flowers:

Yellow ranunculus, white hyacinth, black ribbon and gold art wire.

 Miniature cymbidium orchids, hyacinth, a pearl beaded wristlet and corsage
constructed in a soft gold ribbon rosette.  Boutonniere finished with
ribbon and art wire.

 Beaded wristlet with hot pink ribbon, laser leaves, orchid and hyacinth.
A rhinestone butterfly is hiding in there somewhere.

 Similar boutonniere made of three white hyacinth blossoms, hot pink ribbon
laser leaves, a rhinestone butterfly and art wire.

 Yellow ranunculus, white miniature cymbidium orchids, hot pink boronia
flower, ivory ribbon, and pearl-beaded art wire.

White hyacinth and orchids finished with ostrich fluff, bling flowers and
white ribbon.  The corsage was on a teal bracelet.

Julia Miller
Edgewood, WA
All images are copyrighted and owned by Julia's Floral


  1. I love the gold ribbon rosette! It is so beautiful and different!

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