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Prom Trends in the UK

Whilst every school in America has a Prom, Prom’s are relatively new to the UK, originally taking the form of an end of year balls and encouraged by the government and schools themselves.

Since the development of the Proms and Balls there has been an increasing demand for buttonholes and flowered up wristlets, hair pieces and arm bands at these Proms and Graduation Balls.

 Every florist is capable of producing fantastic Corsage designs using the Corsage Creations selection of Bracelets and Buttonholes and following their helpful online design tips and techniques. Corsages are primarily used for Weddings in the UK, however, the Prom Corsage is something which becoming a necessity among the younger generation to complete that Prom outfit!

 The actual Corsages tend to be smaller in the UK than the designs used across the pond and as well as the standard Wrist Corsage and Buttonhole for the Man.

Special thanks to:
Corsage Creations
Supplier of Wedding and Prom Wrist Corsage Bracelets, Buttonholes, 
Tiaras and other great jewellery pieces.
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  1. Wow! I love seeing the style of Prom flowers from the UK! It would be neat to see styles from other countries also!

  2. Looks like an orchid. It fits nicely along with wedding bouquet.

  3. Getting this prom trends in uk information is not very easy but this page have made it quite easy for me. Thanks for your blog and please keep sharing such information with us


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