Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought 
 "why didn't I think of that!?!"
I had such a moment at a recent design show/workshop 
in Santa Clara featuring Hitomi Gillium.

As many of you know, we've been creating wire free form bases for our 
corsages here at Twigs for a couple years.
they look like this.... a wide-ish area for the flowers which narrows & continues to twist around the arm.

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage
Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage


One of the projects at the workshop was to create one of these- 
"Cool! I already know how to do this!" I thought to myself- but there was a slight difference
 that altered the end result entirely.

Here are a couple I just completed - Our 'new & improved' design now
tapers down to a single wire, we've also added delicate angle hair wire.
The new version is much more versatile and light weight. 

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Wear low on the wrist with the end curling up the arm,

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Wear it high on the wrist with the end curling around your
hand or fingers.

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

or wear it centered on the wrist with the end floating above the flowers.
I LOVE the versatility of this new base & the result is so light in design and actual weight.

Continuing education is important in the floral industry.
New trends arise, new products are introduced & fresh exciting techniques are
developed to combine the two. Attending design shows, national symposiums or workshops puts me in a place where I can learn about all three.

It certainly provides lots of opportunity for
the light bulb clicks on!

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

Shooting Star wire wrist wrap  #PromFlowers #wristcorsage

If you would like to purchase this wire wrap (the Shooting Star), please
click on this link to our website!

Tracey Foster
Yerington, Nevada


  1. That must be very complicated to make this. Beautiful.

  2. These are some fine flowers, love the detailed work.

  3. Thank you everyone- I really appreciate the nice comments!!

    1. These are really beautiful. Do you have instructions on how to make these beauties. I will gladly order the stock required from you. Do you deliver to Cape Town south Africa


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