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Flirty Fleurs Prom Design Contest

Recently, with some encoragement from my good friend Cathy,
 I entered a prom corsage design contest sponsored by 
the Flirty Fleurs blog and Pioneer Wholesale.
The top five designs were to be chosen by  the Flitry Fleur readership. 
Here are the two entries that didn't make it to the top five ...

The orange and purple corsage was my favorite- so easy to make, just an 
orange carnation with fragrant hyacinth blossoms added and trailing 
to one side on silver wire. Simple, uncluttered but fun and unique. 

The second design featured a green ranunucula, framed in variegated rose petals. A bright corsage 
with some fun colors and textures. 
Below is the corsage chosen as one of the top five. A design I made last year
using the (sometimes controversial) dyed blue orchids. 
Funny thing..
The first two designs I made specifically for the contest.. 
This design I added at the last minute as a backup!
Go figure, huh?!

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