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I pinned this calla corsage after I posted about Y.H.S. prom 2013 
There were lots of great designs we did last year but this one has received the most 
pinterest love!

The bracelet used is 'High Voltage' by Fitz design in turquoise. 
One of my favorite styles since they each have at least a couple different colors within those 
carnival glass- like beads. 

Small pink callas and a couple (dyed) blue orchid blooms are the only flowers I used. The glittered ribbon is 'Bolton' from Pioneer Wholesale. 

Here is Emily & her date Garret- 
and with her mom...

I don't usually get to see our corsages or bouts worn with the dress or tux- usually they are picked up in a rush by students on their way home to get dressed or fresh from the salon, 
hair done, but dressed in comfy clothes.
 These photos are such a treat!
Thanks so much for sharing them.

Tracey Foster

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