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Corsage Creations on Pinterest!

Our friends Corsage Creations from 'across the pond' have been working on 
their pinterest boards for a while.
(They were featured here on Prom Flowers last June)

This morning I was delighted to find many of their lovely corsage designs 
added to their board Prom Corsages

Here are a few..
aren't they lovely? 

Geo Flash Bracelet in hot pink  from Corsage Creations
Eye Candy in black & white from Corsage Creations
Serena bracelet with orchids from Corsage Creations
Geo Flash in Turquoise from Corsage Creations

Eye Candy in white from Corsage Creations

I'm always struck by the elegant simplicity in their designs.
A single exquisite bloom or two, and
perfect placement of flowers and accessories.

 Follow Corsage Creations on Pinterest 
for other prom and wedding ideas.
(make sure you check out their boutonnieres!) 


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