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Y.H.S Prom Recap

 Unlike some guest posters on Prom Flowers who have multiple proms from April to June,
In my  town, Yerington, NV, there is only one high school, and one prom. 
The big event happened a couple weeks ago April 13th.

Needless to say we made the most of it!
We had lots of new bracelet styles to choose from, beautiful jewelry from
Fitz Design and of course our hand crafted wire cuffs. 
Girls were busy deciding on ribbons and rhinestones while
the boys waited patiently...


Orders started piling up & we got to work!

The end result...

These two I thought looked wonderfully vintage..

I love this one- it's just so sweet and girly isn't it? 

and this one too..
so glamorous! 

LOVE that they chose the complimentary color yellow for this corsage to
wear with a rich purple dress. Notice the rhinestone spray.. a
tiny flower and dragonfly!


Here is a (not so good) photo of a boutonniere we did this year
The style is in the simplicity.
Designed on a square of rhinestone fabric
and attached with a magnet.

Tracey Foster
Yerington, NV

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