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Prom Flowers Q & A

Leah writes:

Prom is always a very big deal in our house.
Since we broke the bank, and our budget, on the dress/alterations/jewelry this year I really want Olivia's corsage to be spectacular!

But I am envisioning reds that clash and a very busy feel.  She will wear all the bracelets on one arm and the necklace with tie in her hair as a headband, not a necklace so her neck will be bare.
I have scoured the Internet, and your corsages are by far my favorite.  Unique without being garish.
Can you help design an over the top, but cohesive corsage/bout combo to match her dress?

Thanks for any input!

Answering Leah's question today will be:
Della Gillespie-Mendenhal - Gillespie Florist, Inc Indianapolis, IN
Cathy Walsh-  Sprout. Worcester Mass. 
Tracey Foster - Twigs, Yerington NV

Reds are very hard to match and can look absolutely horrible if paired up with the wrong shade of red. I say it like that because it is near impossible to match flowers to the exact color of a dress, so concentrate on complementing instead. Go to your local florist with your dress and ask to see some red flowers or corsage accents that they may have available. Find the red flower or item that you like with your dress and build your corsage from there!

I think once you find a nice red - or a blend of different tones of red, your next issue would be coordinating with the nude background of the dress. I would stay away from white ribbons of any kind as well as pure white flowers. Stick with eggshell, or in Della's second example, the lace, which is a great link to the lace pattern of the dress.
A few  blooms on a chunky bracelet or cuff would be a great compliment to this look. This Cuff corsage is close-  but,.. I would switch out the black ribbons for a combination of rich cream satin and lace, the black & gold beads for rhinestones.

 I would go with a pair of white cattleya orchids with Fitz Glitzz feathers in red, trimmed with rhinestone & pearl streamers , rhinestone accents on the flower petals, & red Flash ribbon.
 An upper arm cuff or wrap would balance out all of the chunky bracelets.


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