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Chloe's Corsage

I realized the other day that I had forgotten to post about the results of the 
 I had entered 3 designs- 2 I made especially for the contest 
and the third was one from our local prom last year... 
Chloe's corsage.

I'm fortunate to be a florist in a small town 
Fortunate to know most of my customers personally.
 Chloe lives just down the street. 
So I had to smile when I learned that HER corsage was the winner!

Her parents came to the shop with her that afternoon to pick up her corsage. 
I remember as she stood, waiting for her mom to snap the photo, I glanced at her dad 
who was looking proudly at his beautiful daughter, all dressed up- not a little girl any more.

I'll never forget that look..
So proud. so full of love.
just a hint of sadness.

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