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Prom Trends - It's all about your style!!

I was asked about prom trends recently.
Sure there are the colors that stand out from one year to the next, 
or ways to wear a corsage, or even the type of flowers used. 

But I see a stronger trend that's been gaining momentum in the 
last couple of years..


Lets go back just 7 (or so) short years ago.
Most prom corsages were seen as a lovely sentimental tradition exchanged before 
the big night in front of an excited parent's flashing camera.  
The corsage and boutonniere at that time was a one size fits all style usually in white 
(because it went with everything)

Although still a lovely tradition, corsages are NOT  'one size fits all' anymore!
 it's an additional accessory, like a piece of jewelry, that can 
compliment your look perfectly. 
Jasmine by Twigs , Yerington NV

Is your style..
 soft and romantic?
Soft Pink Ranunculus, orchid, rose buds and pearls by Sprout Flowers Worcester MA

 Tangerine & Grape by Twigs, Yerington NV

White Iris Design

Grim Corsage & matching bout in red by Gillespie Florist, Indianapolis IN
no problem!
It's all about your

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