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Y.H.S. Prom wrap up - Calla Lilies

Every year we create a few corsages with 
miniature Calla Lilies. I like to work with them even though they can be 
a little spendy. Their graceful shape help make an elegant corsage.

Calla Lily Corsages and Boutonnieres -Prom '15 wrap up #PromFlowers

A couple callas with three orchid accents... gorgeous!

Calla Lily Corsages and Boutonnieres -Prom '15 wrap up #PromFlowers

 This white & blue design was one of my favorites- you can't see it, but I added rhinestones to the inside of each lily in the corsage like you see in the boutonniere.

Calla Lily Corsages and Boutonnieres -Prom '15 wrap up #PromFlowers

Miniature Calla Lilies are pretty easy to use in corsages- just be sure to place them into the 
ribbon base the way you like... BEFORE you glue!

Miniature Callas come in lots of colors-
 (I find the smaller 40cm size are the best for prom work.) 

As always, contact your local florist early so these flowers can be ordered for you if needed.


  1. This is really cool, and I enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here.. Keep updating!

  2. Thank you so much! I promise I will keep updating- I have a few things I'm working on for this summer that I'm excited about :)


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