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Corsages for a Cause

It takes a special person to donate their time and talent, especially when their time and talent is stretched thin during the busy spring prom season. 
Renee Burns is such a person. 
I met Renee over the phone last year when I wrote about her involvement with 
A Prom To Remember. (101 Corsages)
She was at it again this year when I caught up with her in the middle of making a table full of 
corsages for the event!

Corsages for a Cause- table full of corsage bases ready for flowers- Given to A Prom to Remember event attendees.

How many years have you been supplying 
corsages for this event?

This is my 5th year of doing the corsages for the Prom

In the beginning what inspired you to make such a huge commitment? 
My Daughter worked at Charles Schwab and they had been approached to help with the Prom in it's first year.  She was on the committee that helps to choose different volunteer programs and asked if I would consider doing something to help. At the time I owned my Flower Shop and I loved the idea. Schwab sold roses at Valentines day that I supplied them for cost and they sold them throughout the office and raised money to purchase the supplies for the flowers. Sarah Botchick from Pioneer Wholesale heard about it and approached me about 
supplying the bracelets for the corsages. 

How many hours do you spend creating the corsages? 
We start making the frames for them about a week prior to the dance. My husband makes the bows and we both work on the frames.  Now that I no longer own my shop and I actually work for Charles Schwab as well they give me 8 hours of "volunteer" time to work on adding the flowers right before prom. It pretty much consumes the last couple of days prior to the dance to get the fresh items added to the frames. This year I used  Mini Cymbidium orchids and Statice  for a bit of a change. In the past I have used Spray Roses and Babies Breath.This year we made about 115 corsages and 50 bouts. for the guys.

Cymbidium Corsages & boutonniers

Corsages for a Cause - A prom to remember #promflowers

Do you go to the event? 
I have attended the early part of the prom when the kids are walking the red carpet, or in this years case the Yellow Brick Road. It is an amazing feeling to see these kids feeling so special for an evening. Carefree and away from the sterile environment they have had to live in.  

Corsages for a Cause - A prom to remember #promflowers
There was a beautiful young girl that was there and she was actually featured in an article on Yahoo. She was so frail, but stunning at the same time.  We found out that just days before she was literally fighting for her life in ICU. Her hair was gone, her chest covered in bruises and yet when she put on that gown that all went away. She had a beautiful wig and they covered the bruises with makeup and she was just beautiful as were all the kids.  
They got to meet several players from our Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team and some Cleveland Browns Players too, but mostly they can be "normal" in a world that has been anything but for them. This year was a bit hard on me, because my husband is also battling  cancer and we had just found out the treatments didn't work.  As hard as it is, seeing these kids gives both of us a ray of hope for our own future. 


  A huge thank-you to Renee for sharing your experience with us.
 Your story is both inspiring and humbling. 

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