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Y.H.S. Prom Wrap-up!

Every year we make dozens of corsages and boutonniere's 
for prom. There are always those few corsages
that are a little different or just turn out 
better than expected...
Here are some of my favorites from this year..

This pretty lavender calla pair with hyacinth blooms.
 and this white & coral corsage 
(looking very orange in this photo)

 This lovely pink calla corsage belongs to Chloe.. We did another corsage for her a while back
One thing about being a small town florist is creating these corsages year after year for the same girl and in some cases other members of the family. It's wonderful to hear about how much 
they loved certain corsages they've worn in the past.

I had a surprise visit from one of my very first prom customers (Swayze) who came in with her brother (Josh)  to 
pick up his corsage... 
Josh's purple orchid wrist corsage

She Still had a photo of it on her phone ..
(hearing that made my day)

Swayze's pink orchid wrist corsage & matching bout. 2008

Here's the finished corsage from the 'Inspired by Wire' post
The matching boutonniere is attached with 
a magnet. 

Love this red , white & gold corsage on the gold rhinestone bracelet. 
All the gold ribbons to one side with the rhinestone accents opposite.

Red, gold & white wrist corsage

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