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TBT 1950's Prom

A couple years ago a fellow florist shared this photo....

The bottom diameter is about 3" and can be expanded, & the top is a 
couple coils of wire used as a clip..
Can you guess what it is? 

Here's the packaging.. 

Directions read:

Place plastic ring inside of 'bra' with stem bent towards shoulder. 
slip flower stem into loop. 


It was known as a .... wait for it... BOOBLET

I searched Google hoping to find an example of it being worn.. 

 Of course I can't know for sure, but
I think the girl in the white dress is wearing one.
Notice how the flowers are just sitting at the top edge of her gown?

Here's another photo from my search..
again, the flowers are preciously perched on the top of 
her bodice. 
(now we know how they stay there!)

I can't even the imagine today's awkwardness of presenting a girl with 
this contraption ... 
And you think pinning a boutonniere is hard?! 


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