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Prom Flowers in the Deep South

Here in sunny and warm Alabama, things are still quite traditional and conservative.  Although the staff at the House of Flowers leads our area in offering more progressive designs for any occasion, our local high school girls still prefer a more standard and traditional flower design for their prom, which is quite ironic considering the styles of the dresses these days!  Wrist corsages are the most popular choice by far, with hand held or clutch bouquets becoming a little more accepted each year.

This year, we offered a choice when ordering wrist corsages...either “traditional” or “funky”.  The traditional corsage is rather conservative and focuses on flowers...nothing flashy or gaudy. Our girls here prefer small corsages with no ribbons hanging down, thus the corsage is very compact.  And we’ve made it easier for both the flower shop and the high school kids...we simply get the color of the dress, then promise to deliver something that would be appropriate.  We no longer go through the time consuming processes of choosing the flower varieties, the ribbons, or any accessories at the time the order is placed. As a result, the kids and their parents seem happier, and the staff at the shop spends less time on each order, which makes me happier!

Our “Funky” wrist corsages will incorporate decorative wire, feathers, berries, and playful ribbons that will give a little more modern look, while still maintaining the conservative appeal
All of our wrist corsages are designed on bracelets from Fitz Designs, and we’ve found that the fanciest and nicest bracelets sell out first, even when they cost a few dollars extra.

Our clutch bouquets have gained in popularity over the years.  It reminds me of my time in high school in the late 70s and 80s when every flower that my parents made were nosegays in a plastic bouquet holder.  However, these clutch bouquets are hand tied and the stems are wrapped with ribbon...a very natural look, as if you picked flowers from the garden just moments ago.

The most popular clutch designs this year incorporate two new elements that have never been available here before...wire bouquet collars and painted Tree Fern.  The House of Flowers is the only florist in the states of Alabama or Georgia that carries the Color Fresh Tree Fern, which looks much like feathers, but it is actually fresh foliage that is treated with a dyed preservative.  It comes in twelve different colors.

The price ranges for our wrist corsages average from $24.95 - $34.95, while our clutch bouquets average from $29.95 - $59.95. 

Steve Sorrell
House of Flowers
4207 20th Avenue
Valley, AL  36854

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