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My favorite part of prom is when the kids come in to order and pick up.Some come in solo, some with a parent, 
and some as a couple.
  But, they usually come in and say the same thing.
"I heard this is where you go to get a cool corsage".
Stems is where you come if  you want more than
"option 4"
  offered from the local grocery store,
and you want a presentation that does not include 
a bar code on top of the box.
 Or, if you want to say, "just do something with this color, cool, funky, 
I trust you."


I call these "tied dyed orchids"  They are bright and match just about any dress.
Blue/purple tie-dye orchid corsage
Matching Tie-dye boutonniere

Hand held bouquet and flower ring
Flower Ring

This one needed to match the bird of paradise boutonniere!
(shown in the top photo)
Black & white orchid corsage
White rose boutonniere
White Calla boutonniere

       Dore Huss
          The Flower Shop
       Evergreen, CO 80439
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