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2011 Golden Globe Gowns

This year's gown were beautiful weren't they? Get ready to see variations of these styles and colors when you start shopping for your prom dress!
So how do you choose your flowers to compliment your dress? As you know, when it comes to accessorizing, your jewelry, shoes and bag should look like they belong together.
'One size fits all'  does not apply! 

Today we have taken a look right off the red carpet and paired it with a couple of unique 
complimentary floral designs.

Here, actress Claire Danes in a minimalist pink dress has chosen a simple gold cuff to wear.

For prom, choose a simple cuff of fresh flowers in pink or complimentary colors of lime green, or orange.
these creations are hand made using real fresh flowers, berries, wire, decorative pins and other embellishments.The flowers encircle the wrist.

go with a cuff bracelet especially designed to hold one or two flowers. One exquisite orchid bloom
or a couple of roses is all you would need for this design.

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